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Guy  Maddalone Guy Maddalone Founder, President & CEO   Guy is a 22 year veteran of the payroll, human resource, and employment services industry. Originally starting with the placement of home healthcare and eldercare services, Guy expanded his business to include nannies and other household staff, and named the company A New England Nanny. In 1991, he founded GTM Payroll Services to provide payroll & tax administration for households, the first in the industry. In 2002, GTM expanded by adding business payroll services as a complement the fast-growing household payroll and tax processing operation. A sought-after, trusted, proven business leader and prominent author, speaker, and business consultant; Guy is widely characterized as an industry-leader on Business Leadership. He has helped hundreds of businesses and families alike with payroll, human resources and insurance. From the household perspective, Guy is the author of How to Hire A Nanny: A Household HR Handbook - Your Complete Guide to Finding, Hiring, and Retaining a Nanny and other Household Help. Guy is widely-recognized as the nation's household employment expert. Conducting educational seminars throughout the country on the household employment industry, household human resources, nanny payroll taxes, IRS audits, household tax compliance, and dependent care services for corporations, Guy is also a work/life consultant to GE and Textron; as well as a licensed NYS broker for workmans compensation and employee benefits. A household employer himself, and an active entrepreneur in New York’s Tech Valley, Guy is a graduate of the highly acclaimed MIT and INC Magazine program Birthing of Giants and the former president of the Albany Chapter of the Young Entrepreneur’s Organization and Guy believes in sharing his personal and professional successes with the community, and has been a long-time supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation; as well as donating support to a number of other community/charitable causes. A graduate of Siena College with a degree in Accounting, Guy was recently appointed to the Siena College Associate Board of Trustees.
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