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H. Donald  Winkler H. Donald Winkler is a professional journalist, historian, and retired university public affairs executive. He has received eighty-four national awards and was inducted into the Virginia Communications Hall of Fame. He has written three highly acclaimed books on Lincoln and on the Civil War: "Lincoln's Ladies" (also issued as "The Women in Lincoln's Life"); "Lincoln and Booth: More Light on the Conspiracy";and "Civil War Goats and Scapegoats." He has been a featured speaker at Ford's Theatre, the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site, and other venues across the nation. Earlier in his career Winkler founded and edited an international-issues magazine, "East-West Perspectives," that was chosen as the nation's outstanding educational magazine. He has been cited by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education for "professional endeavors that have strengthened the entire fabric of American education."
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Stealing Secrets
H. Donald Winkler
Civil War Goats & Scapegoats
H. Donald Winkler
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