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Robin  McClure As an overworked, harried mom of three enthusiastic, insanely busy and extraordinarily different children, I have marveled at the various milestones and stages along the magical road of parenting. Just when I have it totally figured out with one child, another goes off and does something different or unexpected, and I re-learn what works best all over again! The same advice holds true for sending your kids off to school. Whether it is for a first-time kindergartner or a school-seasoned fifth grader, going to school is a huge transition period for kids, and each child experiences the school year differently. The tips and advice in this book are from seasoned educators and knowing parents alike. One 20-year school teacher quipped: "This should be a must-read for all parents before the first day of school!"
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  • Companion books: 151 Ways to Help Your Child Have a Great Day at School and 151 Ways to Start the School Year Off Right


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