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Robert L. Balducci received his BBA with honors from the Bernard M. Baruch, City University of New York and is a Certified Public Accountant currently licensed to practice in the state of New York.

Robert has a diverse accounting career working in banking, retail, medical, and government industries. He has spent the last thirteen years supervising government audits that uncovered fraud, waste, and inappropriate accounting practices. Currently he serves as the Chief Quality Assurance Officer over the City of New York accounting and financial reporting systems.

His true passion and love is his accounting and tax practice that was founded in 1994. Starting with two hundred clients his practice has grown to over two thousand strong. While serving his clients he notice that his clients had a need to become educated and guided in many personal financial decision including buying or selling real estate, opening and operating small businesses, retirement, and much more. Through his consulting and guidance he has protected his clients from the expensive shortfalls of making bad personal financial decisions.

Robert lives in New York City and his goal is to educate, advise, and share his experiences way beyond his clientele.
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