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Kelly  Sullivan Walden It is rare to find a golf book written by a woman…much less by a woman who is a spiritual counselor. My friends have been respectfully wondering, “What the heck is a Hypnotherapist/Spiritual Counselor that leads Goddess Gatherings and Dream Circles doing writing a golf book?”   My response (depending on my mood) is typically this: As a certified clinical Hypnotherapist I’ve seen it all. Over the past fourteen years I’ve worked with people on issues from weight loss to smoking cessation, from performance anxiety to sea sickness, from overcoming fears and phobias to past life regression…and, believe it or not, I’ve also worked with golfers on improving their game. And I’ve found that the tool of hypnosis, especially for golfers, can drastically improve not only their golf game, but their life as well. ~Kelly Sullivan Walden Quoted from Zone Golf, Master Your Mental Game *** Kelly Sullivan Walden is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. For fourteen years she has been helping clients access their core beliefs, drives, and desires via their subconscious mind in order to assist them in healing past traumas and aligning with future goals. Kelly is the author of I HAD THE STRANGEST DREAM, THE DREAMER’S DICTIONARY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. She is also the author of DISCOVER YOUR INNER GODDESS QUEEN, an Inspirational Journey from Drama Queen to Goddess Queen. Kelly is a regular guest on FOX News and WZZR FM in South Florida. Her specialty is empowering people to live the life of their dreams. Kelly is also the creator of The Dream Project, a CTAUN award nominated program for Global change that inspires school children to create solutions for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (goals for combating poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation and discrimination against women.) Ten percent of all proceeds of ZONE GOLF will be given to the Dream Project. Kelly is the President of the Women’s National Book Association (LA Chapter) and an NGO delegate to the United Nations. Kelly dedicates Zone Golf to her father, an avid golfer, and the first one to introduce her to the game (something she and Tiger Woods have in common.) She shares her life with her husband Dana and dog Woofie, living part time in the hustle/bustle of Los Angeles and in the serenity of a 40-acre ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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