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From the book jacket '101 Ways to Love Your Job' Stephanie Goddard (Davidson) is considered a subject matter expert in workplace communications and specializes in leadership and interpersonal skills training. Her clients include many Fortune 500 companies as well as non-profit and public sector employers. Frequently appearing as a guest on radio programs and published in numerous articles on workplace communications, Stephanie is the author of '101 Ways to Have a Great Day at Work' which is an Amazon 'business-bestseller'; a SHRM bestseller; and has been translated into 14 languages. She is also a nationally-certified trainer in: -The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People® -FranklinCovey’s Project Management® -"The Skilled Facilitator"® by Schwartz -Covey’s “First Things First” Time Management® -FIRO® Element B® ABLE® Communication Preference Wheel® -Dynamic Dimensions International (DDI) modules -Master certification in Achieve Global’s® leadership programs -Ridge’s "People Skills"® -Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: MBTI® Stephanie lives in Raleigh, NC where she runs workshops and provides coaching to her local government's employees including EMS personnel, social workers, law enforcement officers, rescue workers, engineers and city planners. She is also an instructor with the American Management Association. See her website at
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Stephanie Goddard Davidson
101 Ways to Love Your Job
Stephanie Goddard Davidson
101 Ways to Have a Great Day at Work
Stephanie Goddard Davidson
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