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Robert  Dodenhoff Robert Dodenhoff is a devoted single father committed to raising his own boys (Alex, 12, Brett, 15 and Conner, 17) to be independent, self-confident and successful men. As an accomplished entrepreneur, Dodenhoff spent many years buying, operating and selling radio stations throughout the east. He also co-founded, and later sold,, a web-based company specializing in delivering fresh seafood overnight throughout the United States. In addition, he’s the founder and president a non-profit education company offering web-based advice to youths on life-critical issues. Dodenhoff is currently the owner and President of American Drug Testing (occupational drug-testing company), and OvernightDNA (DNA testing company)—both based in Charleston, SC. Dodenhoff and his companies have appeared in print, television and internet, including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Food Network, The Associated Press, NPR Radio, PC World, and Network World. Many of the activities he enjoys with his boys are backpacking, snow skiing, golf, traveling, and boating. During his spare time, Dodenhoff plays drums in the original/cover bands Trancefusion and Put Tudy on the Train. Robert received a Business Administration Degree with high honors from Rochester Institute of Technology.
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