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Rebecca P. Cohen is a national gardening and outdoor lifestyle expert, is the go-to mom for outdoor activities any time of the year. Rebecca hosts the television series Get Out of the House that shows fun ideas for time outside in every season and hosts a radio show of the same name. In addition, she appears on live morning news shows around the country on the how-to’s of gardening and outdoor lifestyle. Rebecca’s work has been featured in Family Circle, Backyard Solutions, and Washingtonian magazines, as well as on Rachael Ray’s website, Yum-o!,, and A former member of the corporate world for fifteen years and a mom of two young boys, Rebecca started her company, Rebecca Plants LLC, in 2007 to pursue her passion for inspiring others to garden, be outside, and improve their well-being. Rebecca’s unique products along with her inspiring videos and television show help families have fun outside and see how easy it is to fit an outdoor lifestyle into a busy schedule. Every day, Rebecca receives emails from appreciative parents and grandparents who have been inspired to get out of the house and improve their well-being, thanks to Rebecca Plants LLC. In 2010, Rebecca was the youngest inventor to be featured in the book, The Right Sisters: Women Inventors Tell Their Stories, by Julia Rhodes, for the pursuit of her life’s work to improve the well-being of others through simple gardening and outdoor activities. Rebecca is also an advocate with corporations and public schools for the funding of school gardens and outdoor learning. She has led thousands of children in lessons outside to inspire hands on learning, healthy lifestyles, and more outdoor lessons in the curriculum. In 2009, she was awarded Volunteer of the Year by the Arlington Outdoor Education Association in Arlington, Virginia, which hosts nine thousand public school students every year at its Phoebe Hall Knipling Outdoor Lab. Rebecca is also a Spokesmom for the National Wildlife Federation’s Be Out There movement. For more information, visit
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