Lee Myung-Bak

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Lee Myung-bak’s election as president of the Republic of Korea in 2007 marked the capstone of a remarkable career for this energetic and visionary leader. Born into poverty in 1941, Lee briefly participated in the student activist movement of 1964 before going on to join the fledgling Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company the next year. Little more than a decade later he had risen to become CEO of what was by then a multinational corporation famous for its construction projects in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. After leaving Hyundai in 1992, Lee served two terms in the Korean National Assembly before being elected mayor of Seoul in 2002. As 10th president of the Republic, he has made "Green Growth" and sustainable development keystones of his administration, and hosted the G20 summit in Seoul in December 2010.
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Lee Myung-Bak
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