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Martin Kantor, MD, is a psychiatrist who has been in full-time private practice in Boston and New York and on the staffs of the Massachusetts General Hospital and The Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He is the author of thirteen other books on psychological topics, including a revised version of Distancing, which describes how people avoid relationships due to anxiety; Paranoia, which covers such disorders of the paranoid spectrum as paranoid personality disorder; Homophobia, which views homophobia as a manifestation of deep psychological problems; and Treating Emotional Disorder in Gay Men, which describes the form some common psychological difficulties take when they appear in homosexuals and offers some practical suggestions on how to modify psychotherapy to make it more relevant to, and palatable and affirmative for, gay men. My Guy, which offers single gay men some practical suggestions on how to meet the Mr. Right of their dreams, was published by Sourcebooks in 2002. His most recent work is an article on coping among victims of sexual prejudice and discrimination for a book on the psychology of prejudice and discrimination. He lives very quietly during the week with Michael, his partner of twenty-two years, in an apartment in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and reverse-commutes to New York City on Weekends.
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