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Robert H. Lieberman is a long-time member of the Physics faculty at Cornell University. Initially, he came to Cornell to study to be a veterinarian, but ended up becoming an electrical engineer and doing research in neurophysiology. He has also been a professor of mathematics, engineering and the physical sciences.

In addition to writing novels, he makes movies. He directed and wrote the newly completed feature film Green Lights, and his documentaries have been shown nationally on PBS. He was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to lecture at the Academy of Performing Arts and Film in Bratislava. Mr. Lieberman lives on a 120-acre farm in Ithaca, New York, on which he compulsively grows fruits and vegetables and raises fish in his five ponds. His Swedish-born wife is a classical ballet dancer and teacher. His two sons live in San Francisco. They neither farm nor make movies, but do make money, one as an entrepreneur and the other as a corporate counsel at least for the moment.

Mr. Lieberman is presently working on a new novel, creating the screenplay for the film adaptation of The Last Boy, as well as learning how to tap dance.
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Robert Lieberman
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