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Richard E. Schell is a lawyer, small farm owner, and author. He grew up in Polo, Illinois in a farming family.

He has an extensive background in publishing, including writing, editing, and author representation. He writes and speaks frequently on legal issues involving intellectual property, agricultural entrepreneurship, and immigration. He has written numerous books and articles on topics including immigration, publishing contracts, business entities, and regulatory issues for small farmers.

He holds a BA in History and English from Illinois Wesleyan University and a JD from Southern Illinois University. He has studied International Law at the University of Notre Dame, London Law Campus. A member of the Chicago Bar Association and the Chicago Creative Inverstors Association, he is also currently Secretary of the Chicago Farmers and sits on the board of IDEA (Initiative for the Development of Entrepreneurs in Agriculture).

He is Of Cousel with the Law Offices of Kurt A. Wagner, a small international law firm with offices in Illinois and Austria. He and his wife Debbie and son Nathan live in Des Plaines, Illinois.
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