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JacLynn Morris, M.Ed., is a writer, child abuse prevention advocate and public speaker. A graduate of Boston University, over the past thirty years, JacLynn has worked with families in crisis, parents of children with hemophilia and adult survivors of child abuse. Articles she has written have appeared in magazines including Moment Magazine, Writing from the Heart and Personal Journaling. I'm Right. You're Wrong. Now What? is the second book she has co-authored with Dr. Paul L. Fair.
JacLynn has appeared at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ; on radio talk shows throughout North America; and as the keynote speaker for numerous groups and professional associations. She lives in Atlanta with her husband of twenty-five years, Bruce H. Morris. They have two grown children.
You may learn more about JacLynn's work, read an interview, check upcoming appearances and book signings and correspond with her at: www.
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