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Sherri Goodall knows from whence she speaks. She owned a party store for several years in Tulsa and was a sought-after party ­planner. The ultimate test came when she planned her daughter’s wedding in 1994. Utilizing her creativity to the maximum, she unearthed the most efficient and effective ideas and resources necessary to produce a wedding unique to the bridal couple…a wedding with panache, dazzle, sophistication, and originality.

Goodall was among the wedding-planning veterans on wedding Her expert M.O.B. advice was sought by hundreds of inquiring brides, their moms, their grooms, and others concerned with the M.E. (the Main Event).

Goodall is the Editorial Advisor and a Contributing Editor for Oklahoma Bride Magazine, which debuted in January 1999.

In August of 1998, Goodall became a M.O.G. (Mother of the Groom) and found that she could wear beige, but keeping her mouth shut was a stretch. (There is a well-known maxim among wedding literati that mothers of the groom are expected to wear beige and keep their mouths shut.)

Goodall is a freelance writer, specializing in travel. Her articles have appeared in several publications including Departures, Travel News, Nostalgia, and Tycoon magazines. She writes for Tulsa People, Tulsa Kids, and Tulsa Woman. A grandmother of three, Goodall has written several humorous essays on grandmotherhood, which have appeared in 50 Plus, Metrofamily, 55 and Better!, and Senior Magazine, to name a few.

“I have ridden elephants in Chiang Mai, tuk tuks in Bangkok, hot-air balloons over Kenya, camels in Eilat, rafts on the Colorado River, the Eastern Oriental Express through Malaysia, cabs in reverse in Mexico City (when the transmission ran in one direction only—reverse),” says Goodall, “but the most thrilling ride of all was the one in the elevator down to my daughter’s wedding!”
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