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Harold S. Peckron is a nationally recognized expert on the Alternative Minimum Tax, with a tax career that spans more than three decades. In addition to writing on the subject, he has taught tax as a tenured law professor and as a seminar leader to professional groups. He has served in government and private industry.

During this career, he has had the opportunity to work with individuals, not-for-profit and for-profit companies, and foreign entities. He has written over four dozen tax articles and a dozen books on tax, including specialized tax subjects of pricing a company and revenue recognition.

Some of the most fulfilling aspects of his career have involved community and business volunteer work that aided struggling and first-time entrepreneurs. Over the years he has participated in Junior Achievement lectures in business to youth and served in the Volunteer Income Assistance Program for low income and elderly taxpayers.

Mr. Peckron holds several graduate degrees, including an LLM in Taxation from the Georgetown University Law School. His interests include running marathons and writing. He lives in Florida.
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