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Robert  Grede Robert Grede, BA, MBA, is a graduate of DePauw University and The Emory University School of Business. After 12 years in the advertising industry, working with premier marketers like McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, and Union Carbide, he founded The Grede Company, consultants in business planning and strategic growth. Clients range from start-up operations to Fortune 500 firms. Grede has been on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Carroll College, and Marquette University, a syndicated columnist and frequent contributor to magazines, and has authored the best selling Naked Marketing – The Bare Essentials [Prentice-Hall] and The 5 Kick-Ass Strategies (Every Business Needs) [SourceBooks]. A familiar face on television and radio talk shows, Mr. Grede speaks on the subject of marketing and business strategy at universities, civic organizations, and corporate venues.
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