The $100,000+ Career

ISBN: 9781402209284

By: John Davies

Published: 03/01/2007

The executive career strategy that actually works!

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The $100,000+ Career unlocks the power of networking to help build your executive career and land the job you want. It's not enough to find an executive job - this guide will show you how to land a job you love and are well-compensated for.

By following Davies's method, you'll discover which industry, job type, location, company size, salary and other factors are right for you. And the best part about it is that you'll have other people helping you land that dream job, and advancing your career.

The $100,000+ Career is more than just a job search technique - it is a brand new way to build your career at the top of the ladder.

About the Author

John Davies

John Davies serves as vice president of strategy at AMR Research. He has co-founded successful software start-ups, served on corporate boards and is a frequent speaker at business events. He divides his time between Boston, Massachusetts and Southern California.


Table of Contents

The Power of Introduction-Based Networking
Meeting New People
Start with Trust, Build a Network for Life

Chapter 1: The Law of 100
How I Developed the Law of 100
Figuring Out What Networking Really Means
The Art of the Introduction - The Basics of Introduction-Based Networking

Chapter 2: It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know
He Only Got That Job Because He Knew Her - The Job/Contact Matrix - Service Providers and the Vendor Network - Your Friendly Executive Recruiters - Farming Your Past Work Life - The Power of Alumni Associations

Chapter 3: Theories of Networking and the Five Levels of Networking Success
Stanley Milgram and the Six Degrees of Separation:Strong and Weak Ties in a Network - The Strength of Weak Ties - Networking (Re-) Defined - From Contact to Relationship: The Five Levels of Networking

Chapter 4: Let Me Give You a Business Card
A Brief History of the Business Card - The Importance of First Impressions - Formalized Networking Meetings- Industry and Trade Organizations - Ranking Your Level Two Contacts

Chapter 5: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself
Following Up after a First Meeting - A Short Guide to Email Etiquette

Chapter 6: Become a Branded Product
Avoiding Commodity Status and Becoming a Brand - Branding for a Marathon and Not a Sprint - Truth in Advertising - Avoiding the Resume - Your Personal Agent - How to Create a Compelling Biography - Your New Branded Business Cards

Chapter 7: Let’s Get Together
Meeting Your Networking Friends - Tools for Your Networking Meeting - “I Think He’d Be Good, But…” - Friends for Life: Building Level Five Relationships - A New Definition of Networking: Helping Others, Trust, and Mutual Respect - Always Say Thank You

Chapter 8: It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who They Know
Quality versus Quantity: It’s About Who, Not How Many - Ask for Bob - The Second-Call Expletive - Asking for the Introduction - Extending the Conversation - Never Accept a Referral - The Introductory Email - How Can I Help You?

Chapter 9: Creating Co-Conspirators
Co-Conspirators Are Like Good Caddies - What to Do When People Ask “What Number Are You On?” - Your Personal Advisory Board - Other Stakeholders in the Business of You

Chapter 10: Tools of the Trade
Search Strategies - Metrics for Success - Dealing with Rejection - Building the Database - The Phone Is Your Friend - Be Prepared - Phone Call Scorecard - The Active Call Sheet - Tracking the Number

Chapter 11: Using Technology to Support Your Networking
Managing Contacts - Search Technologies - Making “You” Show Up in a Search - Blogging - Social Networking Software

Chapter 12: If All Else Fails
Moving the Ball Forward - Remembering the Strength of Weak Ties - Create Your Habits - Being There - One on One - Keep Telling Stories - Write - Read a Lot of Books (and Give Them Away) - Keep the Network Alive

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Excerpted from The $100,000+ Career by John Davies © 2006

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”...

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