1000 Best Smart Money Secrets for Students

ISBN: 9781402205484

By: Debby Fowles

Published: 08/01/2005

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Find $ Make $ Save $ Expert Debby Fowles shows you: Before College -Nine little-known places to look for scholarships -13 tips for winning scholarships -Maximize your eligibility for financial aid -17 secrets to save money on college housing At School -Creative ways to control entertainment costs -12 cash-generating ideas -Textbook websites that will save you money -The secrets of successful budgeting -8 warnings about student loans -Get the best jobs on campus Avoid graduating from school with a mountain of debt!

About the Author

Debby Fowles

Debby Fowles is an accountant, author, freelance writer and small business consultant. As the About.com Guide to Financial Planning since 1998, Debby has written over 150 articles about personal finance. Several of her articles have been published by Fidelity Investments and other online and print publications. Debby served fourteen years as controller and ten years on the board of directors of a rapidly growing biomedical research company near Washington, D.C. She has been listed in several compilations of Who’s Who, including Who’s Who of Women Executives (National Reference Press), Who’s Who (Sterling), Who’s Who of Notable American Women, and Who’s Who Resitry of Buiness Leaders.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Good Ideas for Making Money
Chapter 2: Maximize Your Financial Aid
Chapter 3: Maximize Your Scholarships
Chapter 4: Understand and Control Credit Card Use
Chapter 5: How to Be Smart and Safe about Credit Card Debt
Chapter 6: Manage Your Student Loans
Chapter 7: Save Money When Paying for Your Education
Chapter 8: Mind over Money
Chapter 9: Born to Shop? Think Again
Chapter 10: Miscellaneous Money-Saving Tips
Chapter 11: Live Thrifty Now
Chapter 12: Having Fun without a Lot of Dough
Chapter 13: Scout out Student Discounts
Chapter 14: Get the Most Bang from Your Bank
Chapter 15: Save Money as a Nontraditional or Graduate Student
Chapter 16: Smart Thinking at Tax Time

About the Author


Maximize Your Financial Aid

You’ve probably read up on Pell grants, work-study, Stafford loans, Alternative loans, and other forms of financial aid until your head hurt, so we won’t rehash...

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“Gr 9 Up-Aimed at aspiring college students and their families, this book offers great practical money-saving and earning ideas. Topics include managing a student loan, maximizing eligib...

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