1000 Best Wine Secrets

ISBN: 9781402220548

By: Carolyn Hammond

Published: 10/01/2006

A must-have reference for both the wine novice and the connoisseur.

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What is the appropriate way to taste wine at a restaurant? What type of wine is best served with catfish? 1000 Best Wine Secrets contains all the information novice wine drinkers and experienced connoisseurs alike need to feel comfortable in any restaurant, home or vineyard.

1000 Best Wine Secrets is the book for readers seeking the confidence to select and enjoy the perfect bottle from among the wines of the world.

Includes such tips as:
--Secrets of buying great wine
--Detecting faulty wine and sending it back
--Serving wine like a pro
--Wine tips from around the globe—from Argentina to France and Spain to California
--Knowing when to drink wine

About the Author

Carolyn Hammond

Carolyn Hammond is a wine writer and founder of the Wine Tribune. She holds a diploma in Wine and Spirits from the internationally recognized Wine and Spirit Education Trust. As well as her expertise as a wine professional, Ms. Hammond is a seasoned journalist who has written for a number of major daily newspapers. She has contributed to Decanter, Decanter.com and Wine & Spirit International.


Table of Contents

Acknowledgments -
Introduction -

Part One: Selecting That Perfect Bottle -
Chapter One: Buying Great Wine -
Chapter Two: Ordering Wine in a Restaurant -
Chapter Three: Pairing Food and Wine -
Chapter Four: Knowing When to Drink It -
Chapter Five: Reading the Label -

Part Two: Tasting and Serving Wine -
Chapter Six: Tasting Wine Like a Pro -
Chapter Seven: Serving Wine Like a Pro -
Chapter Eight: Detecting Faulty Wine and Sending It Back -

Part Three: Revealing the Flavors of the World -
Chapter Nine: French Wine -
Wines of Bordeaux -
Wines of Burgundy -
Wines of Champagne -
Wines of Alsace -
Wines of the Loire -
Wines of the Rhône -
Wines of Provence and Corsica -
Wines of Southwest France -
Wines of Languedoc and Roussillon -
Vin de Pays -
Wines of the Rest of France -
Chapter Ten: Italian Wine -
Wines of Northwest Italy -
Wines of Northeast Italy -
Wines of Tuscany -
Wines of the Rest of Central Italy -
Wines of Southern Italy and the Islands -
Chapter Eleven: Spanish Wine -
Wines of Rioja -
Wines of Ribera del Duero -
Wines of Northeast Spain -
Wines of Northwest Spain -
Wines of Central and Southern Spain -
Sherry -
Chapter Twelve: Portuguese Wine -
Wines of Portugal -
Port -
Madeira -
Chapter Thirteen: German Wine -
Chapter Fourteen: Austrian Wine -
Chapter Fifteen: Swiss Wine -
Chapter Sixteen: Central and Eastern European Wine -
Chapter Seventeen: Mediterranean Wine -
Chapter Eighteen: American Wine -
Wines of California -
Wines of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho -
Wines of New York State -
Wines of the Rest of the United States -
Chapter Nineteen: Canadian Wine -
Chapter Twenty: Chilean Wine -
Chapter Twenty-One: Argentinean Wine -
Chapter Twenty-Two: Australian Wine -
Chapter Twenty-Three: New Zealand Wine -
Chapter Twenty-Four: South African Wine -
Chapter Twenty-Five: Wine from the Rest of the World -

Part Four: Trade Secrets -
Chapter Twenty-Six: Wine Myths -
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Storing Wine -
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Giving the Gift of Wine
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Learning More about Wine -
Chapter Thirty: Talking the Talk—Wine Terminology -
Appendix A: 50 Best Wines under $20 -
Appendix B: Resources -
Index -
About the Author -


Part One

Selecting That Perfect Bottle

The best way to buy great wine is to know what you’re looking for, and to be able to put it into words—whether you’re talking with a merchant...

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