20 Days to the Top

ISBN: 9781402220524

By: Brian Sullivan

Published: 09/01/2005

The most popular new sales program!

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“I've been selling the same basic product to the same customers for over 10 years. I watched your video and it turned my thinking upside down!...And guess what?? I WAS my company's Top Sales Performer!” --Linda Jamison, National Account Manager, Time Warner Book Group

Brian Sullivan is an award-winning salesperson and one of the most prominent and sought-after sales and leadership trainers. His high-energy, no-nonsense, interactive seminars on the PRECISE Selling Formula have become one of the hottest training courses in sales.

Based around the notion that you should “Say less...while selling more,” Sullivan teaches salespeople how to execute the PRECISE Selling Formula in just 20 days. They'll also learn how to:

--Lead their company in sales
--Be stupid to make stupid big money
--Create a posture that attracts customers
--Evaluate sales performance after every call

About the Author

Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan was awarded Welch Allyn Inc.’s President’s Cup in 1996, recognizing the company’s top performance in attitude, aptitude and performance. Brian’s PRECISE Selling techniques have since been taught in North America, South America and Europe, and have been published in leading sales trade publications. He lives in Missouri. Visit www.preciseselling.com.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Your Sprint to the Top Begins with These Easy Steps
Chapter 2: The Long and Winding Road
Chapter 3: Fishing for Contrarians
Chapter 4: Three Hearing Aids for Your Prospects: Questions, Questions, Questions
Chapter 5: Listen Up!
Chapter 6: The 3 Ps of the PRECISE Selling Formula
Chapter 7: PRECISE Actions—The Seven Commission-Building Actions
Chapter 8: PRECISE Action 1: Prepare Like Vince Lombardi
Chapter 9: PRECISE Action 2: Respect and Trust
Chapter 10: PRECISE Action 3: Engage Your Prospects with Questions and Curiosity
Chapter 11: CLEAR Questioning
Chapter 12: PRECISE Action 4: Convey Your Solution Using Smart Bombs
Chapter 13: PRECISE Action 5: Conquering Indecision
Chapter 14: PRECISE Action 6: Secure Agreement and Advance
Chapter 15: PRECISE Action 7: Explore for More
Chapter 16: PRECISE Call Sheets


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