365 Games Smart Toddlers Play

ISBN: 9781402205866

By: Sheila Ellison

Published: 04/01/2006

Hundreds of smart ideas to develop terrific toddlers.

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365 Games Smart Toddlers Play will help you make the best of the time you and your toddler share, every day of the year. Each day with your toddler brings new experiences for them and new opportunities for you to teach, share and grow closer to each other. Bestselling parenting author Sheila Ellison fills each page with fun, practical ways to create and enhance those special everyday moments. Perfect for: Parents Grandparents Child-care providers Baby-sitters Praise for the 365 series: "Parents struggling to discover new playtime ideas can finally relax. Now there is a solution to every day of the year." --Parenting Magazine "Imaginative ways to raise healthy, happy families." --Healthy Kids

About the Author

Sheila Ellison

Sheila Ellison has a B.A. degree in psychology from the University of Southern California, and is the creator and author of the very popular and successful "365" series of parenting books, including 365 Foods Kids Love to Eat and 365 Days of Creative Play. These books have grown out of Sheila's lifelong involvement with children, her many volunteer efforts on their behalf and her founding of community youth groups and mentoring programs. The mother of four children, she has recently completed national media tours presenting her ideas on successful parenting along with new products that make life with children easier. Dr. Judith Gray is internationally known as an author, teacher, leader in dance research and speaker on future trends in education and dance. A former executive director of the Girl's Club of Tucson, Dr. Gray has been an educator at both the high school and university level. A mother of four, she is currently helping to develop a state-of-the-art high school in the Everett School District, Washington, and is on the Antioch University teaching faculty. Dr. Gray is also coauthor of 365 Food Kids Love to Eat and 365 Days of Creative Play.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Section One: Day-to-Day Life
Chapter 1: Toddler Survival Tips
Parent-to-Parent Bonding
Stay Safe
Just the Two of You
Time for Self
Balancing Work with Home
Coping with a Toddler's Energy
Clutter Cutters
Stop-the-Whining Tips
Taming the Tantrum
Choosing a Daycare or Preschool
Baby-Sitter Tips
Getting Things Done
Saying No

Chapter 2: Daily Routines
Daily Routine
Hand-Washing Games
Good Morning
Special Breaks
Our Day
Dressing Fun
Potty Training Tips for Boys
Potty Training Tips for Girls
Phone Fun
TV-and Computer-Time Tips
Naptime Tricks
Exercise Fun

Chapter 3: Early Learning Games
Reading Tips
Blowing Know-How
Hard and Soft
Writing Practice
Counting Songs
Texture Mat
Silly Book
Texture Box
Word Play
Recording Fun
My Picture Flash Cards
Color Search
Shape Dance
Letter Book

Chapter 4: Food-Time Fun
Kitchen Helpers
Tea-Party Dough
Creative Mealtimes
Pudding Paint
Rice Fun
Sorting Pasta
Homemade Butter
Homemade Ice Cream
Playing the Food Manners Game
Egg in a Bun
Baked-Bread Sandwiches
Honey-Lover's Chicken
Yummy Parfaits
Ice-Cream-Cone Cakes
Designer Pancakes

Chapter 5: Bath and Water Play
Playing the Water Game
Bubbles Away
Rock Waves
Fun with Ice
Tub-Time Games
Water Band
Wading-Pool Basketball
Rainbow Surprise
Rain Games
Sponge Tag
Squirt Away
Wiggle Slide
Bottled Fun

Chapter 6: Bedtime
Bedtime Safari
Sleep Mobile
Bedtime Chart
Flashlight Fun
Dream Time
I Am Thankful
Monster Hunt
Dream Catcher
It's Up to You
Feelings Today
Story Inventions
Pillow Pals

Chapter 7: Room Decor
Canvas Growth Chart
Colored Light
Learning Mat
Felt Garden
Playroom Design Tips
Display Treasures
Stained Glass
You've Got Mail
Room within a Room
Mini-Size It
Lamp Shades
Felt Chairs
Bed Headboards

Section Two: Playtime
Chapter 8: Let's Get Physical
Scarf Play
Rope Shapes
Racing Games
Construction Zone
Animal Play
Mirror Dancing
Indoor Baseball
Dance Fun
Mattress Trampoline
Freeze and Melt
Chalk Town
Masking Tape Work-Out
Follow the Leader

Chapter 9: Ball Play
Balls a Rollin'
Parachute Ball
Tube Roll
Balloon Tennis
Bumper Ball
Bedroom Basketball
Big Ball Rolling
Frisbee Ball
Ball Pit
Bouncy-Ball Book
Tunnel Fun

Chapter 10: Art and Sculpture
Cleaning Arsenal
Moving Masterpiece
Flour Points
Bag Painting
Print Magic
Clay Works
Super-Stretch Dough
Wallpaper Drawing
Spin Painting
Foil with Oil
Painter's Paradise
Event Wreath
Antique Vase
Fashion Design
Pot Painting

Chapter 11: Game Time
Container Magic
Magnet Mystery
Penny Waterfall Game
Paper Pull
Object Outline
Go Get It
Channel Surfing
Sensory Guess What
What's Missing
Letter Fishing
Bead Catcher
Puzzle Hunt
Go Fish
Hand Measurer
Memory Games
Where's It Hiding?

Chapter 12: Music and Songs
Silly Sing-Along
World Music
Rubber-Band Harp
Ribbon Dancing
Musical Fingers
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
Homemade Instruments
Clapping Rhythms
Kitchen Band
Guess the Noise
Sound Count
Story Soundtrack

Chapter 13: Imaginative Play
Puppet Play
Balloon Friends
My One Block
Everyday Play Dough
Dress-Up Box
Mail Play
Felt Characters
Masking-Tape Madness
A Rose by Any Other Color
Voice Lessons
Character Spin
Finish the Story
Introducing Humor

Chapter 14: Nature Connection
Mud Prints
Nature Collecting
Sand Play
Dry Aquarium
Feed the Birds
Bug Trap
Tree and Leaf Rubbings
Egg Head
Nature Museum Display
Magnify It
Blossoming Bulbs
Wind Sock
Moon Watch
Snail Farm

Chapter 15: Floor Time Adventures
Partner Exercises
Planting Garden Massage
Jar Play
Magic-Carpet Rides
Antigravity Machine
Obstacle Course
Follow That Noise
Sound Walk
Wheel Hunting

Chapter 16: Around the House
Toy Spinner
Cabinet Play
Put In, Take Out
Sock Duster Games
Oops! Day
Place Mats
Grocery Shopping
Bath Book
Getting It Done
Reading Nook
Help Wanted
Tent Fun
Window Art
How Does Your Garden Grow?

Section Three: Out and About
Chapter 17: Traveling with Toddlers
Count Together
Activity Bag
Toddler-Proofing Kit
Games to Play in a Restaurant
Games to Play in the Car
Games to Play on a Plane
Games to Play While Standing in Line
What Do They Have in Common?
Coloring on the Go
Postcards Home
Cheap Thrills
Guess What Game
Travel Stationary
Backseat drivers

Chapter 18: Friends and Playgroups
Why Start a Playgroup?
Setting Up a Playgroup
Bag of Tricks
Parade Time
Beanbag Group Games
Toddler Safari
Presto Pizza
Group Dance Games
Field Trips
Playgroup Plus
The Parent Squad
Toddler Friendships
Co-op Baby-Sitting

Chapter 19: Outdoor Play: Parks and Recreation
Mud Play
Pavement Painting
Sand Play
Water-Balloon games
Sheet Design
Do the Hula
Hill Games
Shadow Fun
Sprinklers and Hose Games
High Kites
Flowering Names
Outdoor Obstacle Course
Pipe Forts
Backyard Beasts

Chapter 20: Parties and Celebrations
Party Tips
Party Fare
Decorative Ice Bucket
Thank-You Notes
Group Games
Sibling Party
Car and Truck Party
Tea Party
Bubble Party
Fishy Party
Spring Is Here
Garden Party
Moving Party
Father's Day Fashion Show

Section Four: Family Time
Chapter 21: Family Fun
New Traditions
Memory Lane
Play Hooky
Create Family Stationery
Vacation Memories
Play Silly Games
Make Mealtime Special
Hands of Time
Between Us
The Family That Cooks Together
Backyard Camping
Topsy Turvy
Game Night
Here, Fido
Concrete Stepping Stone

Chapter 22: Sibling Games
Tips to Facilitate Sibling Play
Family Puppets
Ready, Set, Go
Peekaboo Faces
Food Projects
Group Outings
Camping In
Preparing for a New Baby
Random Kindness
Sibling Theme Days
Potpourri Shapes
Bag Skits
Special Parent Day
Kitchen Table Landscape
Silly Manners

Chapter 23: Grandparenting
Food for Thought
Your Pace
Establish a Play Area
Special Books
Stay in Touch
Craft Projects
Share Memories
Start a Notebook
Do the Unexpected
Family Totem Pole
Childproofing Grandma's House
Dream Supporter

Chatper 24: Seasonal Fun
Flowers in Bloom
Tissue-Paper Egg
Bouncy Bunnies
Leaf Play
Pumpkin Head
Snow Fun
Seasonal Journals
Ice Melt
Kiddy Pool Games
Sugar Cube Igloo
Weather Board
Homemade Cards

Section Five: Growing and Learning
Chapter 25: Recording Yoru Thoughts
Art Storage Ideas
Books on Tape
Birthday Memories
Everyday Things
Guest Book
Say Cheese!
Through the Years
Jolly St. Nick
Scrapbook Flare
Your Child's Journal

Chapter 26: Twelve Games Parents Play
New Twist to Reward Charts
Separation Anxiety
Boredom Busters
Potty Training Readiness
Tooth-Brushing Basics
Picky Eaters
Positive Naptime
Kicking the Pacifier
Transfer to the Big-Kid Bed
Dawdler Toddler

Chapter 27: Development
Fifteen to Eighteen Months: Do and Feel
Fifteen to Eighteen Months:Express and Think
Eighteen to Twenty-One Months: Do and Feel
Eighteen to Twenty-One Months:Express and Think
Twenty-One to Twenty-Four Months: Do and Feel
Twenty-One to Twenty-Four Months: Express and
Twenty-Four to Thirty Months:Do and Feel
Twenty-Four to Thirty Months: Express and Think
Thirty to Thirty-Six Months: Do and Feel
Thirty to Thirty-Six Months:Express and Think


Format: Paperback

Length: 7 in
Width: 7 in
Weight: 14.00 oz
Page Count: 440 pages


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