The 5 Kick-Ass Strategies Every Business Needs

ISBN: 9781402206405

By: Robert Grede

Published: 04/01/2006

The proven plan for growing a business.

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Finally, a business guide that kicks ass! Forget the jargon and hype: there are five--and only five--ways to achieve exponential growth in your business. Are you ready to kick ass? The 5 Kick-Ass Strategies Every Business Needs is the ultimate business-growth guide. Filled with actual case studies, visual elements and strategic steps, this book will set you on a course to reach--and exceed--your growth goals. In this no-holds-barred handbook, Robert Grede gives you the essential strategies for improving each area of your business. Along the way you’ll discover: How to create a strategic growth plan The benefits of buying market share Ways to hunt for business How to sell more to your current customers How to introduce new products

About the Author

Robert Grede

RobertGrede,BA,MBA, is a graduate of DePauw University and the Goizueta School of Business at Emory University. After twelve years in the advertising industry, working with premier marketers like McDonald’s, Proctor & Gamble, and Union Carbide, Grede embarked onan entrepreneurial path, founding the Grede Company, consultants in marketing and strategic planning.Clients range from start-up operations to Fortune 500 firms. Mr.Grede taught marketing and entrepreneurial management at Marquette University for many years,is a syndicated columnist and frequent contributor to magazines, and author of the bestselling Naked Marketing—The Bare Essentials (Prentice Hall) and Naked Marketing—The Bare Essentials,2ndEd.(Marquette University Press). Afamiliar face on television and radio talk shows,Mr.Grede speaks on the subject of marketing and strategic thinking at civic organizations and corporate venues.www.thegredecompany.com © Jo na th an R


Table of Contents

- Why This Book was Written
- The Purpose of this Book
- There Are Five and Only Five Ways to Grow Your Business
- Exponential Growth
- Proven Winners

Chapter 1: Defining Your Business
- Core Competency
- Specialization
- A Market Perspective
- The Mission Statement
- The Strategic Business Plan
- Sample Strategic Business Plan
- Four Parts of Any Business
- Marketing is the Voice of the Customer
- The Role of Marketing
- Getting Your House in Order
- Work More Smart, Less Hard
- Delegate
- Next Stop: Review Marketing Principles

Chapter 2: Understanding Marketing
- The Four P’s
- Establish Your Image
- Competing on Price
- Because I Heard of It
- Differentiating Your Product
- Reason vs. Emotion
- Humor Me
- The Buying Process
- Organizational Buying Habits vs. Consumer Buying Habits
- Brand Loyalty
- Market Motivation

Chapter 3: The Strategic Marketing Plan
- The Situation Analysis
- The Sales Analysis
- Identify Target Markets
- The Market Share Matrix
- Quintile Analysis and the Old “80/20” Rule
- Demographics, Psychographics, and Benefits
- The U.S. Grows Old
- The Race Report
- Psychographic Segmentation
- Benefit Segmentation
- Segmenting for the Next Twenty-five Years
- The Competitive Analysis
- The Environment Analysis
- Situation Analysis Quiz
- Situation Analysis Quiz Answers
- Setting Sales Objectives

Chapter 4: The 5 Kick-Ass Strategies
- Buy Market Share
- Hunt
- Farm
- New Products
- Merge or Acquire

Chapter 5: Kick-Ass Strategy #1: Buy Market Share
- Hold a Sale
- Five Reasons to Have a Sale
- Incentives
- Sampling
- Guarantees and Warranties
- Rebates
- Credit Terms
- Promotion
- Mass Media Advertising
- Making the Most of Media
- Publicity and Public Relations
- Direct Marketing
- Setting Your Promotion Budget
- War Games

Chapter 6: Kick-Ass Strategy #2: Hunt
- Personal Selling
- Salespeople Need Love, Too
- Anything For You, Precious
- The Industry White Paper
- Modern Marvels in Marketing
- What’s the Buzz?
- Adapting to Change
- Hunting Ahead of the Curve
- Leading Economic Indicators
- Testimonials

Chapter 7: Kick-Ass Strategy #3: Farm
- Suggestive Selling
- Trade Up
- Sell Complete Systems
- Incentives
- Rotation Farming
- One-to-One Marketing
- Selling Thin Air
- Keeping the Customer Satisfied
- The Care Quotient
- Thank the Complainers
- The Goal: Brand Loyalty
- The Three R’s

Chapter 8: Kick-Ass Strategy #4: New Products
 - The Product Life Cycle
- How to Avoid the Decline
- Risky Business
- How to Get Good Ideas
- Improvement, Modification or Innovation
- Brainstorming
- From Concept to Consumption
- Introducing!
- The Middle Majority

Chapter 9: Kick-Ass Strategy #5: Merge or Acquire
- Finding the Right Fit
- The Screening Process
- Target Companies
- Discounted Cash Flow
- Comparable Market Analysis
- Make Or Buy

Chapter 10: Managing Your Growth
- The Transformation Process
- Start With the Little Things
- Long-Term Capacity Considerations
- Capacity in a Service Business
- Professional Service Firms
- Office Space
- The Holistic Workplace
- Quality Counts
- Six Sigma
- Breaking Bottlenecks
- Service Bottlenecks
- Purchasing
- Negotiating

Chapter 11: Cash Is King
- Dynamic Growth
- Equity Financing
- Raise Money in Stages
- Debt Financing
- Interest Rates
- Collections
- Present Value and Future Value
- Return on Investment
- New vs. Used
- Rent vs. Buy

Chapter 12: Managing Your Human Assets
- The Personnel Department
- Staff Organization
- Hiring
- Termination
- Leadership
- Motivation
- Internal Marketing
- Pass the Reins
- Succession Planning
- Should You Outsource HR?

Chapter 13: Social Profit
- Creating Social Profit
- Trust Advertising
- Exponential Growth

Glossary of Terms


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