Abraham Lincoln

ISBN: 9781581826777

By: Gordon LeidnerAbraham Lincoln

Published: 02/01/2009

Abraham Lincoln: Quotes, Quips, and Speeches captures the essence of Lincoln in his own words and in the words of those who knew him, from Mary Todd Lincoln to Stephen Douglas.

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More than 140 years since his death, the enduring legacy of a great president, an American success story, and the celebrated leader of the Civil War continues. Abraham Lincoln: Quotes, Quips, and Speeches captures the essence of the sixteenth president. In addition to Lincoln’s own words, Gordon Leidner includes insights into the man by those who knew him best, from his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, to his greatest political opponent, Stephen A. Douglas. Numerous photographs add to the charm and usefulness of the book. Review and Praise: “This is a very short book, but length alone does not matter. The contents, quotes from Lincoln and quotes about him from those who knew him, are a priceless reminder of what our country once was, and can be again.” ~ Frank J. Konopka “This attractively bound little book thus become a perfect gift for a Lincoln fan, a novice to Lincoln speeches, or a young person trying to see beyond the Lincoln icon and legend. I strongly suggest you buy this book by the handful and distribute to all those Lincoln lovers and soon-to-be Lincoln lovers in your circle of friends and family.” ~ A. Ladd of Gettysburgh, Pennsylvania “If anyone truly wants to know what Abraham Lincoln believed throughout his life this is the book to have. Forget the title… It does not say enough. There are quotes that will absolutely blow you away that is as timely today as they were ahead of its time when said. It is a short, comprehensive, collection of what Abraham Lincoln was, through his own words. I highly recommend this book.” ~ E. Murad of New York

About the Author

Abraham Lincoln

GORDON LEIDNER has been a student of the Civil War and of Abraham Lincoln for more than twenty-five years. The author of numerous articles on Lincoln and the Civil War and a member of the board of the Abraham Lincoln Institute, he is a Webmaster of several Lincoln sites and maintains the website GreatAmericanHistory.com.



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