Ancient Rhymes

ISBN: 9781584690658

Published: 09/01/2004

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This John Denver children's book is the ideal preschool music book and perfect sing along book for toddlers to tell your little one "I love you"!

Ancient Rhymes: A Dolphin Lullaby, a book following the lyrics of a love song by John Denver, is a great teaching tool for children about a parent's love for their child!

This musical book for children by John Denver adapted as a picture book makes a great a baby gift, but it also will help set a calm sweet mood in a classroom. Sunny, colorful illustrations show families and animals from around the world as the song's lyrics express unconditional love. It's a wonderful teaching tool for young children of how parents-both human and non-human-love their children in very much the same way all over the world. A map in the back and a description of the animals shown will help spark discussion with your young ones. The song is one of the most beautiful John Denver ever wrote; the CD comes with the hardback edition.

Why parents, teachers, and gift givers love Ancient Rhymes:
  • Music and lyrics to John Denver's song, "Ancient Rhymes: A Dolphin Lullaby" are in the back of the book!
  • The perfect baby shower gift, birthday gift, or for simply expressing the love you have for the little ones in your lives!
  • A great musical book for toddlers and children
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    Format: Paperback

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