And The Crowd Goes Wild

ISBN: 9781570714603

Published: 10/01/1999

Relive the greatest broadcast moments in sports, in words and two audio CDs.

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Fans Wept. The Crowd Cheered. The Announcers Went Wild. You Just Had To Be There. And You Can Be.

In words and images--and on two audio CDs narrated by award-winning sports journalist Bob Costas--And The Crowd Goes Wild brings to life the spine-tingling moments that brought us to our feet.

From bleachers to box seats to living room sofas, devoted fans and casual observers yearn for the thrill of last-minute heroics, underdog victories or the crowning moment of a champion's career.

And The Crowd Goes Wild recounts forty-seven of the most memorable moments in sports and spotlights the photographs that tell the stories. Accompanying the book, two digitally mastered CDs contain over two hours of audio, including the actual calls of the announcers who were just as excited, surprised and awestruck as the fans.

Their words--and the emotional charge in their voices--take you back to the heart-stopping thrill of the event, when an athlete triumphed...and the crowd went wild!

About the Author

Joe Garner

Author Joe Garner is a twenty-year veteran of the radio business, including eleven years as an executive with Westwood One, the international radio syndication company and owner of the NBC Radio Networks and Mutual Broadcasting System. He is president of Garner Creative Concepts. His expertise on the media's coverage of major events has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, CBS Up-to-the-Minute and hundreds of radio programs nationwide. He is also the author of And The Crowd Goes Wild and And The Fans Roared, featuring the words, images and actual audio from the greatest moments in sports history. Compact disc narrator Bill Kurtis has been earning the respect of viewers, colleagues and competitors in television journalism for over thirty years. His career has touched every facet of the most influential medium in our lives. Millions of viewers now join him each weeknight as he presents hour-long, in-depth documentaries on the A&E Network. His earlier broadcast career was spent with CBS, as an anchorman at WBBM-TV in Chicago and correspondent and anchor for CBS News in Los Angeles and New York. Currently, his creative efforts are focused on Kurtis Productions, Ltd., and he has become one of the country's foremost producers of documentaries for television. Bill is executive producer of three award-winning, prime-time series for the A&E Network: the Peabody Award-winning science adventure series, The New Explorers with Bill Kurtis, and the highly acclaimed Investigative Reports and American Justice. His first book, Bill Kurtis on Assignment, features accounts of his international reporting accompanied by over one hundred of his photographs.


Table of Contents

Introduction -
Foreword by Hank Aaron -

October 1, 1932 Babe Ruth Calls His Shot -
August 9, 1936 Jesse Owens Wins Four Gold Medals
June 22, 1938 Joe Louis Knocks Out Max Schmeling
July 4, 1939 Lou Gehrig Says Good-bye-
October 3, 1951 Bobby Thomson Hits "Shot Heard 'Round the World" -
October 8, 1956 Don Larsen Throws World Series Perfect Game-
December 28, 1958 "The Greatest Game Ever Played": Colts vs. Giants-
September 8, 1960 Wilma Rudolph Sprints to Olympic Gold
September 28, 1960 Ted Williams Finishes Career with Home Run -
October 13, 1960 Bill Mazeroski Home Run Wins World Series -
March 2, 1962 Wilt Chamberlain Scores 100 Points
October 14, 1964 Billy Mills Wins 10,000-Meter Gold
April 15, 1965 Havlicek Steal Clinches Celtics Victory-
December 31, 1967 Green Bay Packers Win "Ice Bowl" -
October 18, 1968 Bob Beamon Soars to Long Jump Record-
January 12, 1969 Joe Namath and Underdog Jets Win Super Bowl III -
October 16, 1969 Miracle Mets Win World Series-
May 8, 1970 Willis Reed Leads Knicks to Victory -
September 4, 1972 Mark Spitz Wins Record Seven Gold Medals -
September 9, 1972 Olympic Basketball Team Upset by Soviets-
December 23, 1972 "The Immaculate Reception": Steelers vs. Raiders -
June 9, 1973 Secretariat Wins Triple Crown -
September 20, 1973 Billie Jean King Wins "Battle of the Sexes" -
April 8, 1974 Henry Aaron Breaks Home Run Record -
October 1, 1975 Muhammad Ali: Three-Time Heavyweight Champion -
October 21, 1975 Carlton Fisk Waves World Series Home Run Fair -
July 18, 1976 Nadia Comaneci Scores a Perfect
March 26, 1979 Johnson vs. Bird in the NCAA Championship
February 22, 1980 U.S. Hockey Team Defeats Soviet Union -
July 5, 1980 Bjorn Borg Defeats John McEnroe at Wimbledon -
January 10, 1982 "The Catch": 49ers vs. Cowboys -
May 30, 1982 Gordon Johncock Wins 1982 Indianapolis 500 -
November 20, 1982 "The Play": Cal vs. Stanford
April 4, 1983 North Carolina State Upsets Houston
July 4, 1984 Richard Petty Wins 200th Career Race -
November 23, 1984 Boston College Beats Miami on Hail Mary Pass -
April 13, 1986 -Jack Nicklaus Wins Masters at Age 46 -
October 15, 1988 Dodgers Win on Kirk Gibson Home Run -
February 11, 1990 Buster Douglas Upsets Mike Tyson -
August 8, 1992 Carl Lewis Anchors U.S. Olympic Victory
March 23, 1994 Wayne Gretzky Captures NHL Scoring Mark -
May 25, 1994 New York Rangers Win Stanley Cup -
April 13, 1997 Tiger Woods Wins Masters -
June 14, 1998 Michael Jordan Wins Sixth NBA Championship -
July 12, 1998 France Wins World Cup on Home Soil -
September 8, 1998 Mark McGwire Smashes Home Run Record
July 10, 1999 U.S. Women Win World Cup Soccer -

Afterword by Wayne Gretzky -
Acknowledgments -
Photo Credits -
About the Author -


from the Introduction

In the history of sports, there are a few events that are legendary, identifiable by a simple two- or three-word phrase or even a single number: "The Called Shot," "The Ca...

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