The Best Houston Sports Arguments

ISBN: 9781402210891

By: Jose Ortiz

Published: 11/01/2007

The perfect gift for sports fans—the series that’s sweeping the nation, and is already a hit in Boston, Chicago and New York.

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100 great sports debates for each city—from who was the best coach to what was the best play of all time. The perfect gift for sports fans—the series that’s sweeping the nation, and is already a hit in Boston, Chicago and New York. The best debates for rabid fans The Best Sports Arguments gives each city or region all the best arguments of their hometown teams, with expert answers from top sports media figures. In fact, the Best Sports Arguments series is the #1 sports debates series on the market! Why? -Each book features 100 debates, the most of any series! -Each city’s book is written by authors well-known in the region, leading to fan recognition and media interest. -They make perfect gifts for sports fans of any age. -And the debates go on!

About the Author

Jose de Jesus Ortiz

Jose de Jesus Ortiz has been covering baseball for the Houston Chronicle since 2001. A former reporter for the Newark Star-Ledger and the Long Beach Press-Telegram, Ortiz is the author of Houston Astros: Armed and Dangerous, and his work has been honored as Notable Sportswriting in The Best American Sportswriting. Ortiz lives with his wife and daughters in Kingwood, Texas.


Table of Contents


Is Houston a Football Town or a Baseball Town?
Best Place to Watch a Game in Houston?
Greatest Public Relations Gimmick in Houston Sports History?
Worst Public Relations Gimmick in Houston Sports History?
Which Houston Sports Franchise Scores Best for the Community?
Whose Phone Rings More from the Houston Sports Community: Rusty Hardin’s or Mattress Mac’s?

Who Belongs on the Mount Rushmore of Houston Sports?
Who Belongs on the Mount Rushmore of Houston Sports Voices?
If You Could Go to Any Game in Houston History, Which Would You Pick?
Greatest Moment in Houston Sports History?
Most Magical Performance in Houston Sports History?
Who Has Made the Bigger Impact: Rockets Owner Leslie Alexander or exans Owner Bob McNair?
Which Woman Has Had a Bigger Impact on Houston’s Sports Community: Pam Gardner or Sheryl Swoopes?
Are There More Powerful Agents in Houston Than the Hendricks Brothers, Randy and Alan?
Who Are the Most Important Houston Sports Figures You Should Know but Probably Don’t?
Who’s the Most Influential Houston Sports Figure: Yao Ming, Drayton McLane, or Roger Clemens?
Most Overhyped Moment in Houston Sports History? -
Worst Time in History to Be a Houston Sports Fan? -
What Was Houston’s Greatest Might-Have-Been Powerhouse?
Greatest Draft Pick in Houston Sports History?
Worst Draft Pick in Houston Sports History? -
Worst Owner in Houston Sports History?
Which General Manager Had More to Overcome: the Astros’ Tim Purpura or the Texans’ Rick Smith? -

The All-Time Astros All-Star Team
Who Makes Up the All-Time Astros Infield? -
Who Makes Up the All-Time Astros Outfield?
Who Makes Up the All-Time Astros Pitching Staff? -
Roger Clemens: Savior or Traitor?
Did the Astros Players Have a Problem with Roger Clemens’s Freedom Clause?
Carlos Beltran: Really a Villain?
The Astrodome: Turn It Into a Parking Lot or Name It a Historical Site?
What Is the Biggest Postseason Home Run in Astros History: Billy Hatcher’s in 1986 or Chris Burke’s in 2005?
What Happened to Brad Lidge?
Which Astros Player Had the Most Unique Career After Hanging Them Up?
Worst Move Made by an Astros General Manager?
Greatest Manager in Astros History?
Should Wayne Graham Be Considered to Manage the Astros?
Biggio or Bagwell?
Craig Biggio: Has Anybody Provided More Smiles and Goodwill for Houston Fans?
Did Craig Biggio’s March to 3,000 Hurt the Team?
What’s More Impressive: Throwing Seven No-Hitters or Winning Seven Cy Youngs?
Who’s the Greatest Pitcher to Come Out of Houston: Roger Clemens or Nolan Ryan?
Best Pitcher in Astros History?
Do the Astros Have Too Many Retired Jerseys?
Lance Berkman: Will He Finish His Career as the Greatest Astros Player Ever? -
Milo or Gene? -
What Was Milo Hamilton’s Greatest Feat?

Did the Texans Fail David Carr or Did Carr Fail the Texans?
Worst Move Made by an Oilers or Texans General Manager?
Biggest Loss in the Texans’ Brief Franchise History?
Biggest Victory in the Texans’ Franchise History?
Biggest Public Relations Nightmare for the Texans? -
Was Drafting Mario Williams the Biggest Mistake the Texans Will Ever Make?
Did DeMeco Ryans Save the Texans’ 2006 Draft? -
Will Texans Coach Gary Kubiak Lead His Team to the Super Bowl?

Are the Rockets the Most Underappreciated Franchise in the City?
Most Underappreciated Rockets Player Ever?
Best Rockets Coach?
Who Were the Two Greatest Rockets Players?
Worst Move Made by a Rockets General Manager?
Can Yao Be as Great as Hakeem?
Can Yao Lead the Rockets to a Title?
What Are the Top Five Names in Rockets History?
Can Tracy McGrady Lead the Rockets to Playoff Glory?
What Rockets Player Had the Most Unique Career After Hanging Them Up?
Who Are the Top Five Basketball Players to Come Out of Houston?

Who’s the Most Powerful Baylor Alum in Houston: Drayton McLane or John McClain?
Greatest UH Sports Moment?
Worst UH Sports Moment?
Who’s on the Mount Rushmore of University of Houston Athletes?
Are the 1982–83 University of Houston Cougars the Greatest Team to Never Win a Title? -
How Did UH Let the 1979 Cotton Bowl Slip Away?
Does UH Have the Greatest Golf Program of All Time?
What Was the Greatest Year in UH Sports History? -
Why Didn’t UH Get to Join the Big 12?
Why Isn’t Guy Lewis in the Hall of Fame?
Greatest UH Quarterback of All Time?
Who Has the Best Sports History: Rice or UH?
Which Fans Should Have More Bragging Rights: Rice or UH?
Was Rice Involved in the Most Infamous Play in College Football History?
Who’s on the Mount Rushmore of Rice Athletics?
What’s the Biggest Sports Upset That No One Has Heard About?

The All-Time Best Rice Baseball Team
Who Are the All-Time Best Rice Position Players?
Who Are the All-Time Best Rice Pitchers?
Did Rice Football Coach Todd Graham Do the Program a Favor?
How Viable Are Rice Sports in the Division I-A Landscape?
Biggest Football Win in Rice History?
How Did Wayne Graham Work His Magic?
Best Houston-Area Prep Team of the Last 50 Years?

Is Houston a Premier Golf Community?
What Are the Three Best Golf Courses in the City?
Best Spots to Go Fishing in Houston?

Juan Diaz: Is He the Most Underappreciated Great Athlete in Houston?
Who Are Some of the Top Tennis Figures in Houston?
Can the Dynamo Survive in Houston?
Is Mexico’s National Soccer Team Houston’s Other “Home” Team?
Best Houston Olympian Not Named Carl Lewis?
Best Gymnast Who Trained in Houston?
Best Schoolboy Athlete to Come Out of Houston?
Who Are the Next Great Stars of Houston?

Is Houston a Great Sports City?

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