The BLUES Go Birding Across America

ISBN: 9781584691242

Published: 03/01/2010

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Learning becomes fun with this book about birds! Amazing artwork will inspire kids in classrooms and at home to appreciate the beauty of the world around us and leave them wanting to learn more!

Readers get lots of important scientifically accurate information on the habitat, traits, and characteristics of various types of birds. The story of the BLUES is so cute! The BLUES are a cute band of birds who tour the country to hear different bird sounds in order to be inspired for their next song.

Science and story blend seamlessly to give readers an experience that will give a deep appreciation for the world around us!

A perfect book for:
  • parents and teachers needing homeschool supplies for kindergarten (or any grade!)
  • anyone interested in sharing nature with children.
  • anyone looking for a children's book to help instill an appreciation of our planet!
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    Format: Hardcover

    Length: 9.5 in
    Width: 10.5 in
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    Page Count: 36 pages


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