Bran Hambric

ISBN: 9781402243974

Published: 08/10/2010

What if your mother was a criminal?
What if her crime was magic?
What if magic ran in the family?

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“The Farfield Curse is a story you’ll want to pick up, but not put down!” —Kaza Kingsley, author of the bestselling Erec Rex series. “A sinisterly good read.” —The Children’s Book Review “A world vastly different from our own, where magic sits next to cell phones and gnomes really do travel.” —Kim Harrison, author of Once Dead, Twice Shy What if your mother was a criminal? What if her crime was magic? What if magic ran in the family? Bran Hambric was found alone in a locked bank vault when he was six years old. He doesn’t have a clue how he got there, or any memory of his past. There’s only one explanation: Magic. But magic is outlawed in the Great and Glorious City of Dunce. What Readers Are Saying: “It is delightfully mysterious, suspenseful, and all things brilliant.” “Once you start reading you are not going to be able to put it down.” “Don’t read it in public, people will stare at you for laughing so hard.” “Downright Gnomerific!”

About the Author

Kaleb Nation

On the third night of the third month of 2003, fourteen-year-old Kaleb Nation suddenly imagined a boy and a banker on a roof, waiting for a burglar to come. From that original idea was born the story of Bran Hambric, a novel that would take most of Kaleb's teenage years to write. Aside from writing, Kaleb is a blogger and a former radio host. He turned 20 in 2008 and currently lives in Texas.


Table of Contents

Prologue xiii
Chapter 1
Strange Happenings on Bolton Road 3
Chapter 2
Chasing Shadows in the Dark 13
Chapter 3
The Creature and His Master 21
Chapter 4
The Note in the Grass 30
Chapter 5
The Man, the Van, and Dan 44
Chapter 6
Secret Letters 57
Chapter 7
Sewey Wilomas versus the Oncoming Train 69
Chapter 8
The Duncelander Fair 80
Chapter 9
The Box in the Bookstore 97
Chapter 10
Inside the Hidden Room 115
Chapter 11
Another Burglary 124
Chapter 12
The Telephone Call 136
Chapter 13
Burglars on Third Street 151
Chapter 14
The Man at the Tavern 161
Chapter 15
The Name on the Necklace 178
Chapter 16
A Path in the Woods 187
Chapter 17
Noises in the Kitchen 196
Chapter 18
The Man beneath the House 205
Chapter 19
The House on Hadnet Lane 217
Chapter 20
The Gnome in the Home 227
Chapter 21
A Room behind the Bookshelf 241
Chapter 22
The Truth 252
Chapter 23
The Face in the Mirrors 260
Chapter 24
The Girl from the Alley 271
Chapter 25
Lopsis Volgitix 288
Chapter 26
The Good-Bye 300
Chapter 27
The Escape of Rosie Tuttle 312
Chapter 28
The Garage 320
Chapter 29
Inside the Black Van 334
Chapter 30
Fire and Books 343

Chapter 31
Into the City 359
Chapter 32
The Spirit Awakens 373
Chapter 33
The Farfield Curse 383
Chapter 34
The Battle on Farfield Tower 397
Chapter 35
Clarence 409
Chapter 36
The Grave of Emry Hambric 419

Epilogue 427


Hanging outside the gates of the city of Dunce was a sign that read:

no gnomes

no mages


And if you didn't agree, you had best like jail food. Every other city in the rest o...

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Page Count: 464 pages


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