The Bride and Groom Happiness Test

ISBN: 9781402210150

By: Susan Adams

Published: 11/01/2007

All those little differences that seem trivial when you’re falling in love can become major issues once passion cools with the reality of living together.

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All those little differences that seem trivial when you’re falling in love can become major issues once passion cools with the reality of living together. The Bride and Groom Happiness Test asks hundreds of questions for couples to answer together on topics such as sex, in-laws, having children, pets, cooking, food preferences, exercise and fitness, housecleaning, traveling, household economics, interior decorating, religion and politics. For example: 1. When people criticize my eating habits, I: a. Want to slap them but don’t. b. Want to slap them and do. c. Appreciate their concern. d. Ignore them. e. Change my habits (at least for the moment). 2. True/False: I believe most politicians have, at one time or another, taken a bribe or been influenced by wealthy contributors. 3. True/False: I expect a lot of sexual experimentation to be part of our marriage. Probing the psyche of one’s beloved has never been so enlightening or entertaining.

About the Author

Susan Adams

Susan Adams is a communications consultant and lecturer, and former spokesperson for Mattel game and has taught communication skills to groups, organizations, and corporations across the country. She lives in Omaha with her husband Harold and daughters Alyson and Brianna.


Table of Contents

Introduction: Before You Say “I Do”
Author’s Note

1. Rude Food: Twinkies or Tofu?
2. Birthday Blowouts
3. Driving Up the Wall
4. No Sweat/No Regret vs. No Pain/No Gain -
5. You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry
6. Kitties, Puppies, and Pythons
7. Bathroom Etiquette: The Toilet Seat Dilemma
8. Heat and Lights: Who’s in Control?
9. “I’m on Fire!” and Other Revealing Kitchen Quotes
10. Leaving on a Jet Plane: Do You Hate to Go?
11. Sex: You Want Me to Do What?
12. Oh, I Guess I Forgot to Tell You I Wrote That Check
13. Housecleaning: Fetish or Foolish?
14. Inferior Decorating: The Rise and Fall of the Beanbag Chair
15. Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?
16. Children: Babes (a) in Toyland, (b) in the Woods, (c) From Hell
17. Mentioning the Unmentionables: Religion and Politics
18. Do Ya Wanna Dance?
19. RU4ME? Our Place in Cyberspace
The Upshot


Before You Say “I Do”
Getting married! Excited, huh? At this very moment you may be planning a big church wedding or a simple ceremony at the courthouse. Maybe an afternoon gard...

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