Brothers and Sisters

ISBN: 9781581825114

By: Gregory Lang

Published: 02/28/2006

Brothers and Sisters shows how nostalgic memories bind brothers and sisters together, making for special lifelong friendships.

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Nostalgic memories bind brothers and sisters together, making for special lifelong friendships. With lives shaped by the same influences and similar experiences, brothers and sisters understand and relate to one another on many levels. The special affection they feel for each other is undeniable. After all, who else knows about the secret crush on your fourth-grade teacher? Or who else knows you fed your broccoli to the family dog?

Brothers and Sisters celebrates this unique relationship in all its glory and complexity. From "we make a house a fun place to live" to "we keep each other humble," best-selling author Gregory E. Lang provides 100 poignant reasons why brothers and sisters of all ages and combinations treasure those unique bonds that last for a lifetime.

"I cannot imagine my life without my brothers and sister," Lang writes. "The five of us, just over seven years apart from the first to the last, have been comrades since day one. We did all the things happy siblings do together. We rode our bikes every day, spend weekend nights sleeping outside under the stars, celebrated each other's birthdays, taught one another how to do things, pushed each other around once in a while, fought about who got to sit by the window of the station wagon, played tricks and tattled on one another, kept secrets from one another, and shared a home-cooked meal each night at the same table with our parents."

Lang writes about how his teenage daughter, an only child until Lang recently married a woman who also has a teenage daughter, will finally know the joy of having a sister. Other blended families are sure to relate, and this book makes a wonderful gift for siblings and step-siblings.

With photographs of families of varying sizes and backgrounds, Brothers and Sisters will appeal to anyone who shares a happy, affectionate relationship with a brother or sister.

About the Author

Gregory Lang

Gregory E. Lang is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 20 books, including Why a Daughter Needs a Dad, Why a Daughter Needs a Mom, Why a Son Needs a Dad, Why a Son Needs a Mom, and Why I Love You. He lives in Georgia.



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