Case Studies and Case-Based Learning

ISBN: 9781618218858

By: Todd Stanley

Published: 09/15/2019

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Case Studies and Case-Based Learning brings authentic, real-world learning to the classroom and:

  • Transforms students’ thinking and fosters 21st-century skills.
  • Provides strategies, examples, and resources for implementing case-based learning across the disciplines.
  • Features a step-by-step process for creating case-based lessons.
  • Includes connections to inquiry-based, problem-based, and project-based learning.
  • Builds off of a prominent educational strategy used in medicine and law.

Case-based learning has long been an effective way to master knowledge. Doctors study past cases to plan successful treatments and learn from mistakes, while lawyers often review old cases to understand important legal precedents. Case studies are a valuable part of their education—just as they can be for your students. Your students can study problems that have occurred or could occur in the real world and develop solutions, utilizing critical thinking, creativity, and imagination to answer questions that don't always have one right answer.



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