Charles Sumner and the Coming of the Civil War

ISBN: 9781402218392

By: David Donald

Published: 03/10/2009

The Puliter-Prize winning classic and national bestseller returns!

Harvard Professor David Herbert Donald traces Sumner's life in this Pulitzer-Prize winning classic about a nation careening toward Civil War.

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The Puliter-Prize winning classic and national bestseller returns! In this brilliant biography—a Pulitzer Prize—winning national bestseller—David Herbert Donald, Harvard professor emeritus, traces Sumner's life as the nation careens toward civil war. In a period when senators often exercised more influence than presidents, Senator Charles Sumner was one of the most powerful forces in the American government and remains one of the most controversial figures in American history. His uncompromising moral standards made him a lightning rod in an era fraught with conflict. Sumner's fight to end slavery made him a hero in the North and stirred outrage in the South. In what has been called the first blow of the Civil War, he was physically attacked by a colleague on the Senate floor. Unwavering and arrogant, Sumner refused to abandon the moral high ground, even if doing so meant the onslaught of the nation's most destructive war. He used his office and influence to transform the United States during the most contentious and violent period in the nation's history. Charles Sumner and the Coming of the Civil War presents a remarkably different view of our bloodiest war through an insightful reevaluation of the man who stood at its center. "A truly perceptive study." American Heritage "Few books can be recommended wholeheartedly to the specialist and the general reader alike. This one can." New York Times Book Review "[Full of] Donald's unparalleled knowledge and provocative interpretations." James M. McPherson, New York Times Book Review

About the Author

David Herbert Donald

David Herbert Donald, who has twice been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Biography, is Charles Warren Professor of American History and Professor of American Civilization Emeritus at Harvard University. His many books include Lincoln's Herndon, Lincoln Reconsidered, The Politics of Reconstruction, Charles Sumner and the Rights of Man, and Look Homeward: A Life of Thomas Wolfe.


Table of Contents


Chapter One: A Natural Coldness
Chapter Two: You Were Meant for Boston
Chapter Three: The Life of Life
Chapter Four: The Iron Curtain
Chapter Five: An Outrageous Philanthropist
Chapter Six:
Let the Lines Be Drawn
Chapter Seven: Glacial Solitude
Chapter Eight: A One-Idead Abolitionist Agitator
Chapter Nine: The Slave of Principles
Chapter Ten: Outside of Any Healthy Political Organization
Chapter Eleven: The Crime against Kansas
Chapter Twelve: The Vacant Chair
Chapter Thirteen: If Mr. Lincoln Stands Firm

List of Manuscript Collections and Scrapbooks Cited


Excerpt from Chapter One

THESE JOTTINGS ARE MADE FOR FRIENDLY EYES," THE NEWLY ELECTED senator from Massachusetts wrote as a postscript to his autobiography, "to be used more or


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