The Childhood Bipolar Disorder Answer Book

ISBN: 9781402211775

By: Tracy AngladaSheryl Hakala

Published: 08/01/2008

In a time when parents are overwhelmed with baffling and often conflicting information, The Childhood Bipolar Disorder Answer Book explains confusing medical lingo and provides straightforward answers to pressing questions.

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How does bipolar disorder affect learning? Is there a cure? Is this a fad diagnosis? How do I handle manipulation? How can I prevent relapses? Should I use alternative treatments? How can I parent effectively? “We are certain that all parents whose children struggle with bipolar disorder will find this book indispensable.” —Demitri F. Papolos, MD, and Janice Papolos, authors of The Bipolar Child Co-written by a doctor and a mother whose children live with bipolar disorder, The Childhood Bipolar Disorder Answer Book explains confusing medical lingo and provides straightforward answers to all your pressing questions about treatment, parenting strategies, and everything else. How is childhood bipolar disorder different from an adult onset? - What are the earliest symptoms? - Why is my child so irritable? - How young can these symptoms manifest? - Should all family members be evaluated for bipolar disorder? - Will my child lead a normal life? Written in an easy-to-read Q&A format, The Childhood Bipolar Disorder Answer Book helps you understand and accept your child and develop a plan for success.

About the Author

Sheryl M Hakala M.D.

Tracy Anglada is the founder and president of BPChildren and the mother of two children with bipolar disorder. She has authored several works on bipolar disorder in children. Dr. Sheryl Hakala, who graduated from the University of South Florida, provides both psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy in private practice.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Understanding Childhood Bipolar Disorder
Chapter 2: Spotting the Symptoms
Chapter 3: Evaluation and Diagnosis
Chapter 4: Working with Doctors
Chapter 5: Medication Trials and Tribulations
Chapter 6: Living with Meds
Chapter 7: Complementary and Alternative Treatment
Chapter 8: Pros and Cons of Alternative Treatments
Chapter 9: Learning and Development
Chapter 10: Your Child at School
Chapter 11: Hospitalization
Chapter 12: Intense Parenting
Chapter 13: Helping Your Child Find His Way
Chapter 14: Parental Emotions
Chapter 15: Teens and Difficult Behaviors
Chapter 16: The Path to Adulthood

Appendix A: Reading Lists
Appendix B: No-Suicide Action Plan Template
Appendix C: Action Plan Template
Appendix D: Crisis Plan Template
Appendix E: Self-Care Plan Template
Appendix F: Child's Action Plan Template

About the Authors


Excerpt from Chapter 1: Understanding Childhood Bipolar Disorder

Q. What is childhood bipolar disorder?
A. Childhood bipolar disorder is a chronic illness that affects the most complex organ...

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