City Chic

ISBN: 9781402217852

By: Nina Willdorf

Published: 02/28/2009

The wildly popular City Chic is now completely revised with new tips and tricks, a new introduction, and up-to-date pricing.

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Live the luxe life on less

You're a Modern Girl embarking on a fabulous life in the city, working hard and playing even harder. Money may be an object, but you refuse to let it be an obstacle. That's because what you may lack in funds you make up for in daring and desire. Completely revised with more tips and tricks than ever, City Chic is your practical insiders' primer on how to creatively cheat at being chic. From food and drink to personal maintenance, and from fashion to home décor, City Chic covers everything a Modern Girl needs to know.

  • Big idea decoratingfor small spaces
  • Cash-saving culinary tips
  • The best websites for scoringdeals
  • Go green: save the environment and your checking account
  • Maximize your iPod for fullparty potential
  • Establish your perfectsignature cocktail


'City Chic is constantly inventive, amazingly granular, and a blast to read.'
Dany Levy, founder/chairman | Daily Candy, Inc.

'I love the book. If only I'd had it for the past ten years—it would've saved me lots of heartache, bad furniture, and most importantly, money… It gives you license to scrimp and pinch—and makes you feel more empowered to do so.'
Gigi Guerra, brand marketing director of Madewell | former editor of Lucky magazine

'City chicks no longer need to turn tricks or sell dope in order to have a glamorous lifestyle— just read Nina's brilliant book.'
Simon Doonan, creative director for Barneys New York | author of Confessions of a Window Dresser

'Being an ‘it' girl has never been about how much cash you had in the bank, and now is the time to embrace your inner recessionista. Willdorf's book proves that being frugal and being fabulous are not mutually exclusive.'
Lara Cohen, news director | Us Weekly


Table of Contents

introduction xiii
section one: home

chapter one: lighten up
Small apartment color choices • Room-by-room wise color guide •
Thinking beyond the four walls in paint • Big ideas for small spaces •
Basic lighting primer • Room-by-room lighting vibe guide

chapter two: furnish for less
Settling on a scheme • Know when to negotiate • Honing in on
deals • Quality furniture markers • Already-in-place furnishing
alternatives • Furniture garnishes

chapter three: free finds you can pick up on the street
Reimagining trash as treasure • Knowing when to pass and when
to pounce • Seasonal curbside shopping • Room-by-room free
furnishing options • Found art • Sprucing up found furniture

chapter four: final touches with flowers and plants
Flora and fauna for the fast-paced lifestyle • Low-maintenance
high-yield options • Picking the plant most likely to succeed •
Problem-free potting and watering • Last-ditch deathbed plant
rescue • Hardy flowers • Coaxing the longest life out of cut flowers

section two: body

chapter five: toning down your fitness budget
Financially sound fitness methods • Anywhere exercises • Everyday
chores = extreme exercise • Squeezing savings when joining gyms

chapter six: snip your hair care budget
Selecting the right salon • Long-lasting looks • Bottom line
on bangs • Hair color expenses • Lowering highlighting costs

chapter seven: makeup myths
Bare bones makeup bag • Worthwhile splurges • Drugstore scores •
When to replenish and replace • Best budget beauty buys • Fridge
to face beauty recipes • Multitasking makeup

section three: eat & drink

chapter eight: drink your way into a savings stupor
Selecting a signature drink • Bargain booze hounds • E-Z Wine
primer • Storage solutions • Coffee conundrum

chapter nine: price-saving pantries
Savvy grocery shopping schedules • Special deals in shopping for
food • Seasonal savings • Pantry staples • Fast recipes for one • What
to buy generic • Long-lasting storage secrets

chapter ten: the only five spices you really need
Five spices you really need • Spice substitution charts • When bad
meals happen to good people • Modern Girl cooking maxims

chapter eleven: entertaining for less
Avoiding the unequal restaurant bill-split scenario • Ordering tips • Downsizing your diet •Dinner party prize-winning recipes • Cash-saving co-op dinners

section four: wear

chapter twelve: the Modern Girl's look
Glam, ghetto-fabulous, or genteel—who is the Modern Girl? • On
not getting hemmed in • Essential items • Unlikely inspiration

chapter thirteen: weeding in your closet
Ditch the nostalgia • Fashion face-lifts • When more isn't better •
Style signatures and spicy accents

chapter fourteen: behind the seams
Lengthen clothing lifespan • Dry-cleaning dos and don'ts • Stain
removal solutions • Supermarket stain removal recipes • Laundry
mishaps and saving solutions • Piecemeal maintenance

chapter fifteen: shop 'n save
Cozy up to the calculator • Price-per-item values • Speed shopping
and coy one-liners • Reasonable measures • Clothes inspection 101 •
General shopping strategies • Shopping by calendar—season, month,
day • Sample sales • Thrift scores

chapter sixteen: style staples
Itemizing what's important • Piecemeal shopping • Splurges •
Trends: Invest in the best • Looks that last

chapter seventeen: satisfy without spending
Walletless shopping • Clothing swap parties • Share 'n care •
Dare to do it yourself • Ode to malls

the books
the index
the author


Excerpt from Chapter One: Lighten Up

"There is no such thing as an ugly color. There is such a thing as an ugly color combination." —Douglas Fitch, artist


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The lovely folks at Sourcebooks recently sent me a copy of Nina Willdorf’s "City Chic" book. City Chic is a nice slim volume of tips of saving and even decorating small spaces (like ...

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