The Complete Book of Grant Writing

ISBN: 9781402267291

By: E. WorksNancy Smith

Published: 07/01/2012

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Grant writing is an intricate process, and any bits of misinformation or formatting errors can be the deciding factors when it comes to allotting money. The Complete Book if Grant Writing is a must-have reference if you're seeking funding through grants-government grants, foundation grants, specialty grants, and more. Professional grant writer Nancy Burke Smith and philanthropy consultant and grant maker E. Gabriel Works unveil the secrets behind how to find and successfully apply for grants.

The Complete Book of Grant Writing includes information on:

•The Five Core Components of every grant, including the statement of need, the evaluation plan, and budgets
• What makes a grant compelling to funders? What to do when you are funded-and what you can do when you are not
•How to be a professional grant writer
•The grant writing timetable, from responding to requests for proposals to receiving funding
•Grant writing in different fields of nonprofit practice, including educational, governmental, environmental, and faith-based organizations

Packed with 20 samples including grant proposals, letters of inquiry, support letters, concept papers and more!


Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Grantmakers and Grantseekers

What Is a Grant?
What Is a Grant Proposal?
Who Qualifies for Grants?
Who Writes Grants?
What Do Grants Fund?
Two Approaches to Grantseeking

Chapter 2: Reactive Grantseeking

What Is Reactive Grantseeking?
Who Makes Grants via RFP?
Winning Reactive Grant Proposals
Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
The Grantwriter's Role in Responding to RFPs
Preproposal Requirements
Learning More

Chapter 3: Proactive Grantseeking

What Is Proactive Grantseeking?
Who Makes These Grants?
How Foundations Do Business
Foundations That Fund Only Preselected Organizations
Crafting a Proactive Grantseeking Strategy
Navigating the World of Foundation Staffing
Contacting Foundation Staff
Foundation Non-Negotiables

Chapter 4: Thoughtful Planning

Planning for Sustainability
Community Involvement
Identifying and Involving Other Organizations

Chapter 5: Before You Write

Planning the Process
Scheduling to Meet the Deadline
Reviewing Drafts
The Framework
Common Grant Applications

Chapter 6: The Five Core Components of Every Grant Proposal

Executive Summary or Abstract
Statement of Need or Problem
Project Description
Sample Project Description Narrative
Evaluation Plan
Learning More
Budget and Budget Narrative
Writing the Budget Narrative

Chapter 7: Beyond the Basics

Collaboration/Partner Agencies and Their Roles
Interagency Agreements
Management Plans
Staff Qualifications
Similar Programs/Agencies
Constituent Involvement
Review of Literature
Sustainability Plans
Organizational History
Logic Models
Common Attachments

Chapter 8: The Grantwriting Craft

Write It Well
Cover Letters and Abstracts—Write Them Last
Teamwork—Reviewing Your Proposal
Filling out Forms
Submitting Your Proposal
Summary Tips for Writing Grant Proposals

Chapter 9: Individualizing Your Proposals by Type of Project

Capital Grant
Challenge Grant
Capacity-Building Grant
Sustainability Grant
Demonstration Project
Operations Grant
Special Populations Project

Chapter 10: Grantwriting in Different Fields of Nonprofit Practice

Arts Organizations
Medical Service Organizations
Educational Institutions
Technology Organizations
Social/Human Services Organizations
Local Government and Services
Environmental Organizations
Economic Development Organizations

Chapter 11: While You Wait

Due Diligence
Site Visits
Recycling Grant Proposals
Continue Your Research
When Government Administrations Change
When Foundation Staffing, Structures, or Programs Change

Chapter 12: Yes or No

You Got the Grant!
Grant Agreements
Progress Reports
Sorry, Your Proposal Was Not Funded

Chapter 13: Professional Grantwriting

Is This the Life for You?
Licensing and Registration
Building Your Grantwriting Business
Grantwriting with Integrity
The Grantwriter's Scope of Involvement

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This book may be the first of its kind—a collaborative effort between an experienced grantwriter and an experienced grantmaker developed to provide views, tips,


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