Could You Live Underwater?

ISBN: 9781618217509

By: Megan BarnhardJade Rivera

Published: 04/01/2018

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In this engaging design thinking adventure, students utilize STEM skills and creative thinking to research, design, and build prototypes of the underwater house of the future! After researching the effects of climate change on people throughout the world, learners narrow their focus to tackle an aspect of designing underwater that grabs their imaginations. They utilize design thinking to ideate, prototype, and test, conducting experiments along the way and applying their findings about the properties of water to their work. The unit includes six modules with flexible time constraints, meaning teachers can implement the unit in as little as six class periods or as many as 6 weeks. At every stage, learners draw on creativity and collaboration as they build STEM skills. Packed with engaging projects, experiments, and opportunities to reflect, Could You Live Underwater?: A Design Thinking and STEM Unit for Curious Learners invites students to engage with issues they care about while building the skills they need for the future.



Format: Paperback

Length: 11 in
Width: 8.5 in
Weight: 0.00 oz
Page Count: 150 pages


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