The Coward's Guide to Conflict

ISBN: 9781402200557

By: Tim Ursiny

Published: 03/01/2003

Coaching conversations for personal and business success

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Nobody likes conflict, but you can't avoid it. Top performers just like you face problems every day. If you know how to deal with conflict well, you can turn it into your biggest opportunity for success. The Top Performer's Guide to Conflict is your essential conflict handbook, giving you the tools you need to manage conflict and come out on top. Discover: --Why you must know how to handle conflict --How to recognize conflict before it happens --The best ways to deal with difficult people --How to build strength by overcoming problems --Secrets to impacting and leading others --Tools to guide you past conflict Top performers face conflict head-on and come out on top. You are just a short read away from mastering this essential skill.

About the Author

Tim Ursiny Ph.D.

Timothy E. Ursiny, Ph.D., the founder of Advantage Coaching & Training, is a success coach specializing in human behavior and achievement in life and in the workplace. He is an expert on communication skills and conflict resolution. Before becoming one of the leading personal and business coaches in the country, he was a psychologist in private practice for seven years. He lives with his family in Wheaton, Illinois.


Table of Contents


Section I: You’re Not the Only One Out There Who Hates Conflict
Chapter 1: Take the Coward Test
Chapter 2: Seven Choices You Can Make In Conflict
Chapter 3: The Top 10 Reasons People Avoid Conflict
Chapter 4: Why Change?

Section II: How to Motivate Yourself to Deal with Conflict
Chapter 5: The Secret for Motivating Yourself to Face Conflict
Chapter 6: Confronting Your Fear One Step at a Time
Chapter 7: How to Make Conflict Less Frightening—Quickly
Chapter 8: How Your Integrity Can Help You Face Conflict
Chapter 9: Understanding When Conflict Is Actually a Good Thing
Chapter 10: Building Your Knowledge, Skills and Confidence

Section III: Common Causes of Conflict
Chapter 11: We’d Be Fine if They Weren’t So Different!
Chapter 12: Why People Only Think That They Are Angry (Often They’re Not!)
Chapter 13: Five Ways to Listen and Why People Don’t Use Them!
Chapter 14: Four Communication Patterns to Use if You Want to Keep Fighting
Chapter 15: Don’t Assume the Position!
Chapter 16: The Role of Selfishness
Chapter 17: If Common Sense Is So Common, Then Why Don’t They Have It?

Section IV: You’ve Got the Tools, You’ve Got the Talent: Techniques to Handle Any Conflict
Chapter 18: The Truth and Nothing but the Truth
Chapter 19: Discussing Wants, Fairness and Integrity
Chapter 20: Assertiveness, Coward Style
Chapter 21: Avoiding the Top 10 Mistakes Made When Dealing with Upset People
Chapter 22: Talking about How You Are Talking
Chapter 23: The Lesson of the Swaying Trees: Embracing Conflict
Chapter 24: Putting It All Together: A Step-by-Step Approach for Dealing with Conflict

Conclusion: Is It Worth It and Can I Still Be a Coward?


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