Curriculum Planning and Instructional Design for Gifted Learners

ISBN: 9781618218896

By: Ariel BaskaJoyce VanTassel-Baska

Published: 11/15/2019

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This updated third edition of Curriculum Planning and Instructional Design for Gifted Learners:

  • Is a guide to designing curriculum for the gifted at any level of learning and in any subject area.
  • Addresses the need to differentiate at all levels in the design process.
  • Shows how to customize curriculum for advanced learners.
  • Uses national standards, such as the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, as the point of departure for design.
  • Demonstrates how the differentiation process works in math, science, social studies, and English language arts.

Special needs gifted learners, such as those who are twice-exceptional, second language learners, students from poverty, and minority students, are included as a group for further differentiation and customization of curriculum and instruction. The book may also be used to provide a curriculum guide for teachers in a master’s program in gifted education or those taking endorsement classes.

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Joyce VanTassel-Baska Ed.D.



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