Differentiating Instruction With Menus: Geometry

ISBN: 9781618218919

By: Laurie Westphal

Published: 09/01/2019

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Differentiating Instruction With Menus: Geometry offers teachers everything needed to create a student-centered learning environment based on choice. This book uses different types of menus that students can use to select exciting advanced-level products that they will develop so teachers can assess what has been learned—instead of using a traditional worksheet format. Topics addressed include coordinate and transformational geometry, logical arguments and constructions, congruence, similarity, trigonometry, two- and three-dimensional figures, probability, and proofs. Differentiating Instruction With Menus: Geometry contains attractive reproducible menus, each based on the levels of Bloom’s revised taxonomy as well as incorporating different learning styles. These menus can be used to guide students in making decisions as to which products they will develop after studying a major concept or unit.

About the Author

Laurie E Westphal

Laurie Westphal learned science in the same manner as many other students, through the use of chapter questions, copying notes, and reading various chapters in the science textbook. After questioning this practice, she decided to teach science to try and break the mold. Westphal was given the freedom to develop engaging product-based lessons and activities for her students, the kind of teaching she missed while in school. After using this method of teaching science for 14 years, both overseas and in the United States, as well as presenting staff development and working with gifted education, she now works as an independent gifted education and science consultant. Laurie has made it her goal to share her vision for real-world, product-based lessons that help students become scientific critical thinkers and effective problem solvers, rather than simply question answerers.



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