Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz

ISBN: 9781402213373

By: David Seaman

Published: 09/30/2008

In Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz, veteran PR stunt-planner David Seaman brings a fresh, counterintuitive new-media approach to the traditional marketing and PR handbook.

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"Excellent reading for those who are interested in publicizing a cause, a book, a blog, or just about anything. "
Bookfoolery and Babble

"Seaman gave The Buzz some tips on how we could become internationally famous. If it doesn't work, we're going to hold a Paris Hilton rally."
The Arizona Republic

"Seaman's advice to politicians: "If you're not cool, don't try to be cool. Most people in their 20s and 30s don't need [you] to make us laugh. We already have comedians who do it."

Practice the Black Art of BUZZ

Would you like to spark a media frenzy ... for free? Do you want to jumpstart your sales and profile in a jaw-dropping way? How would you feel about unleashing your message on the entire world?

In Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz, veteran promotional stunt-planner David Seaman reveals a brand-new, counterintuitive approach to traditional marketing and PR. Find out how controversy, scandal-mongering, and social networking can turn your message into a viral sensation.

Inside are sixty-one secrets for getting millions of eyeballs turning toward you or your business, including:

  • Enemies are more important than friends
  • A dog and a blog can increase repeat customers
  • Put MySpace, Facebook, and the social networking revolution to work for you
  • Google juice: hot links from highly rated sites
  • TV doesn't make you - you make you
  • Get ten thousand visitors for free through StumbleUpon

Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz is a powerful how-to collection of all the secrets no one talks about - secrets you won't find in any other marketing book or program.


Table of Contents

If you're in a major hurry to become famous, read these chapters first. I'll make it easy.
Preface: Consider Yourself Warned
Introduction: Welcome to the Media Feeding Frenzy

Chapter 1: Choose Your Own Adventure
* Secret #1: Fame and Glory: For the Company or For Yourself ?
* Secret #2: Be Outrageous or Die!
Ann Coulter: Crazy Sells

Chapter 2: The Rules of Effective Publicity Whoring.
* Secret #3: The Five Rules
Sam Adams: Founding Father, Publicity Whore
The Naked Cowboy: The Absurd
Michael Moore: The Piggybacker
* Secret #4: The Truth Counts ... or Does It?
* Secret #5: Dealing with Press Stress
Hugh Grant and Savvy Spin
* Secret #6: The Media Is for Profit
* Secret #7: People Will Criticize - and That's Free Publicity
* Secret #8: Overcoming Publicity Postpartum Depression: Knowing When and Where to Find the Next Hook

Chapter 3: All Fires Start with a Spark: Getting Friendly with Mean Bloggers
* Secret #9: Make Your Own Blog
Zach Braff 's Syndicated Superblog
Successful, Funny Fake Blogs
* Secret #10: Anatomy of a Blogger
* Secret #11: How to Get a Blog Mention
Natalie Reid's Blog Buzz
* Secret #12: Take Advantage of Slow News Cycles
Moby's Alienating Blog
Julia Allison's Online Fame
* Secret #13: The Major Blogs
* Secret #14: Social Bookmarking Sites: The Backdoor Approach
* Secret #15: Pinging Services

Chapter 4: MySpace, Facebook, and the Social Networking Revolution.
* Secret #16: Rules of Social Networking Etiquette
Tila Tequila and Her Million MySpace Friends
* Secret #17: Building Online Street Cred
* Secret #18: Community Advertising on Facebook
* Secret #19: Social Networking as a Viral Platform
* Secret #20: The Death of the E-Zine

Chapter 5: When It Makes Sense to Pay for Attention: Teaming Up with the Godfather of the Internet
* Secret #21: Google AdWords, an Oldie but a Goodie
* Secret #22: Breakdown of Other Online Advertising Services
* Secret #23: Making Nice with the Godfather of the Internet
* Secret #24: Google Juice: Links from Highly Rated Sites
* Secret #25: Building a Website and Unlocking Google's Secrets

Chapter 6: How to Get on Television
* Secret #26: TV Doesn't Make You - You Make You
* Secret #27: TV Show Jealousy
* Secret #28: Handling Your First Call from a TV Booker
* Secret #29: What to Expect: Green Room, Makeup, Piss in Your Pants
* Secret #30: Turning One Show into Fifteen Shows
Why CNN Likes Bill Maher
* Secret #31: Get Your Message Across, No Matter What
* Secret #32: The After-Buzz: YouTube Your Appearances!
* Secret #33: To Thank or Not to Thank: Showing Gratitude to Bookers
* Secret #34: The Minimal - Yet Real - Threat of Stalkers
* Secret #35: What Television Producers Really Think

Chapter 7: Become Famous in Your Underwear (Or, Getting Radio Coverage)
* Secret # 36: How to Get on Radio Shows
* Secret #37: Making the Move to National Shows
Howard Stern - Buzz Monger, Also Very Rich
* Secret #38: Internet Made the Radio Star - Merging Your Audiences for Maximum Exposure
* Secret #39: Fast, Easy, and Free - Words to Use in All Your Ads, but Particularly on the Radio
Conservative Radio: The Raving Lunatic Phenomenon and How to Get On Board
* Secret #40: The Advantages of Late-Night Radio
* Secret #41: Dealing with Hostile Hosts
* Secret #42: Why Radio Sells
* Secret #43: Bring Your "A-Game" on the Air
Use a Landline, and Other Seemingly Obvious Tips

Chapter 8: Celebrity Tabloids: Getting in Them or Staying out of Them
* Secret #44: How to Get in Them
Sexy Spice, the Skinny Bitch
* Secret #45: Now, Why Tabloids Don't Matter Unless You're Brad Pitt or Anna Nicole's Baby
Paris Hilton - Buzz Whore, Also Genius
* Secret#46: Flyover States - Winning Hearts and Minds with Tabloid Photos
* Secret #47: Smiling and the PDA Pose

Chapter 9: Building the Empire, Maintaining Coverage, and Avoiding Burnout
* Secret #48: Why Overexposure Sucks - and Avoiding It
The Self-Deprecating Genius of Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow
* Secret #49: Easy Ways to Profit from Recognition - The Real World Has-Been Cast Member Phenomenon
Dane Cook and Radiohead: The Internet Farming System
* Secret #50: Finding Your Niche
Donald Trump - Buzz Whore, Also Spectacular Brand
Martha Stewart - Same Deal, Except with a Vagina
* Secret #51: Proper Product Endorsement
George Foreman and His Grills
* Secret #52: Merchandising, Merchandising, Merchandising
Visiting Bill OReilly.com and Getting Factor Gear

Chapter 10: Other Sparkling Pearls of Wisdom
* Secret #53: Stage an Event
A Harley-Davidson Event
* Secret #54: The Ultimate Event: "Vs."
Some Recent Celebrity Feuds
* Secret #55: Sincerity - I Really Mean It
* Secret #56: Learn from YouTube
Required Viewing

Chapter 11: Peacing Out, Closing Thoughts, and Publicity Zen
* Secret #57: Publicity - It's a Twenty-First Century Art Form
* Secret #58: Don't Take Anything Personally
* Secret #59: A Little Zen Reading Probably Won't Kill You
* Secret #60: All Publicity Waves Are Temporary
* Secret #61: Embracing Chaos and the News Cycle
* Secret #62: The Part of the Book Where I Plug My Website
* A Powerful Prediction
* A New American Tradition
Appendix: Additional Resources
* Services
* Websites
* Books
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Excerpt from Chapter 1: Choose Your Own Adventure
Secret #1: Fame and Glory: For the Company or For Yourself?

“For England, James?” asks Bond’s enemy in the film GoldenEye, moments bef...

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I can’t resist a book whose title is Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz and neither should you. I’ve been harping lately on the importance of becoming smart regarding social networking and how it...

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