Don't Tell Him I'm a Mermaid

ISBN: 9781728214238

Published: 08/01/2020

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For fans of Emily Windsnap and Maybe A Mermaid comes the second book in the I Turned Into a Mermaid Series! Get ready to laugh in this funny, heartfelt coming-of-age story, perfect any young mermaid fan.

It's not easy being half-mermaid. Just ask Molly Seabrook.

She sprouts a fish tail whenever she's near water (NOT ideal when you live in a seaside town). She still has to deal with having the World's Most Embarrassing Family. And she has to lie to everyone about her identity. Even her best friend, Ada.

Then the Waverley twins arrive in town. Molly's thrilled to discover that they're secret mermaids too! But Molly's mom forbids her from seeing them…

Is something fishy going on?

The I Turned Into a Mermaid series is the perfect fit if you're looking for:
  • A story with realistic and strong sister/sibling dynamics
  • Mermaid books for girls 9-12
  • A series for your voracious young reader with strong female characters
  • Or mermaid books for girls 4-6
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    Format: Paperback

    Length: 8.25 in
    Width: 5.5 in
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    Page Count: 208 pages


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