Earn It, Learn It

ISBN: 9781402242076

By: Alisa Weinstein

Published: 01/04/2011

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What Experts Say:

"A clever and fun way to teach your kids the true value of money." —Jen Singer, author of You're a Good Mom (and Your Kids Aren't So Bad, Either)

"Great concept, great lessons, and every family can implement these ideas." —Lori Mackey, founder of Prosperity4Kids.com

"The Earn My Keep philosophy is so creative and innovative and I love the message it promotes: that hard work and money earned have value—a notion that seems to have lost its strength for our youth over the past couple decades." —Allison K. Chase, PhD, clinical psychologist specializing in children, adolescents, and families

"Addresses the sense of entitlement that so many of today's children have by instilling a sense of responsibility for their own wealth and career choices through creative play." —Susan Heim, coauthor/editor, Chicken Soup for the Soul series

The easy-to-do twist on traditional allowance that's wowing parents across the country!

The program featured in Earn It, Learn It is the only one that lets kids ages four through twelve earn by doing "real" jobs. Your child will learn from folks like a:

  • Toy Designer from Crayola
  • Curator from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Zoologist from the Saint Louis Zoo

Teach your kid the difference between making the bed as a member of the family and earning a living in the real world. Expose your child to art, manners, math, and more. And build a foundation for a lifelong love of learning and fiscal independence.

All while having fun!

About the Author

Alisa T Weinstein

An award-winning copywriter, Alisa T. Weinstein is the founder of Earn My Keep, LLC, a multimedia initiative that includes the book and EarnMyKeep.com. Weinstein holds a degree in Journalism/Advertising from the University of Maryland. She uses her creative background to squeeze educational and engaging experiences into her active (read: typically crazy busy) life with her husband and two children.


Table of Contents


Foreword xvii
Part I: The Story 1
Introduction: The Battle of the Lip Balm 3
Chapter 1: Getting Started with Earn My Keep 9
Chapter 2: Insider Tips for the Ultimate Experience 25
Chapter 3: FAQs 31

Part 2: The Careers 43
Accountant 45
Acquisitions Editor 51
Archaeologist 57
Astronomer 63
Banker 69
Buyer 75
Chef 81
Contractor 87
Copywriter 93
Costume Designer 99
Curator 105
Dietitian 111
Diplomat 117
Disc Jockey 123
Entomologist 129
Environmental Planner 135
Event Planner 141
Geneticist 147
Geologist 153
Guest Relations Manager 159
Horticulturist 165
Human Resources Manager 171
Interior Designer 177
Investigator 183
Journalist 189
Judge 195
Land Surveyor 201
Librarian 207
Linguist 213
Marine Biologist 219
Market Researcher 225
Meteorologist 231
Musician 237
Nurse Practitioner 243
Outdoor Adventure Guide 249
Paleontologist 255
Photographer 261
Producer 267
Project Manager 273
Publicist 279
Social Activist 285
Toy Designer 291
Translator 297
Transportation Engineer 303
Travel Agent 309
TV Writer 315
Urban Planner 321
UX Researcher 327
Zoologist 333
Create-Your-Own! 339

Part 3: The Bonus Stuff 343
Earn My Keep Cash 344
Sample Thank-you Note 346
Astronomer, Contractor, Paleontologist & Toy Designer: Play-dough Recipe 347
Accountant: Income Tax Return 348
Accountant: Budget Plan 349
Copywriter: TV Script 350
Copywriter: Radio Script 351
Costume Designer: Pieces List 352
Guest Relations Manager: Feedback Card 353
Human Resources Manager: Wellness Program Enrollment Form 354
Investigator: Search Warrant 355
Judge: Family Constitution 356
Judge: Adoption Petition 357
Market Researcher: Moderator’s Guide 358
Market Researcher: In-Depth Interview Questionnaire 360
Meteorologist: Symbol Story 361
Nurse Practitioner: Medical History Questionnaire 362
Outdoor Adventure Guide: Campfire Recipe 363
Producer: Consent and Release Agreement 364
Project Manager: Project Delivery Plan 365
Publicist: Press Release 366
Social Activist: Letter to the Editor 367
TV Writer: Script 368
Urban Planner: Census Form 371
Acknowledgments 373
About the Author 377
Icon Legend 379


We are living in an era of entitlement, a term used to describe a strange malaise gripping man


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'Earn It, Learn It' also helps parents tackle the allowance issue by offering an exciting, proven alternative to "should we pay allowance for chores or not?"

“Earn it, Learn it...

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