Elizabeth and the Prince of Spain

ISBN: 9781402229985

By: Margaret Irwin

Published: 03/31/2011

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"From an acclaimed master of historical fiction, the final book in a captivating series that is “vivid and psychologically brilliant.”
—Times Literary Supplement, UK

Philip, prince of Spain, the unwilling bridegroom of Queen Mary, has been warned about the queen’s half-sister Elizabeth. According to all reports, she is a heretic, a rebel, and a potential enemy, and has a “spirit full of enchantment.” Philip is immediately intrigued. Idolized by his aging wife, Philip holds the power to save the young princess, who has been accused of treachery by Mary and is under threat of death. The brilliant Elizabeth must walk the razor-thin line between Bloody Mary’s jealousy and Philip’s uneasy ardor. The final book in Irwin’s timeless trilogy, Elizabeth and the Prince of Spain follows the triumphs and tragedies, the battles of wit and will, between Henry VIII’s spirited daughters.

“Brimming with vivid period details… Irwin depicts the iconic daughter of King Henry VIII and the beheaded Anne Boleyn with impeccable grace.”
—Publishers Weekly

“I doubt if anyone could create more perfectly than Miss Irwin the illusion of a vanished age.”

What Readers Are Saying
“A very elaborate chess game, with two highly intelligent people plotting every move with precision. Philip is a cold, emotionless man…whereas Elizabeth is fire itself. The novel also brilliantly shows how dangerous Tudor England was for a royal woman who was considered a very real danger to her sister’s rule.”

About the Author

Margaret Irwin (1889-1969) was a master of historical fiction, blending meticulous research with real storytelling flair to create some of England’s best-loved and most widely acclaimed novels, including Young Bess, Elizabeth and the Prince of Spain, The Gay Galliard, and The Stranger Prince.



‘My father has fought bulls singlehanded in the arena,’ said the boy. ‘He is brave as a lion. He has never been defeated. He is the Conqueror of the World. How could he be conquered—by a pi


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Originally published in 1946, Elizabeth and the Prince of Spain brings Margaret Irwin’s Elizabeth I Trilogy to a brilliant close. Being first published in 1946, this books holds a different f...

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Format: Paperback

Length: 8 in
Width: 5.25 in
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Page Count: 336 pages


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