Exploring People and Cultures

ISBN: 9781593639570

Published: 08/15/2012

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“Exploring People and Cultures: Authentic Ethnographic Research in the Classroom” provides teachers with tools and activities for conducting a classroom study of ethnic groups and cultures. Through the more than 30 ready-to-use, differentiated lessons, teachers will help students learn how to recognize the elements of culture; think critically; apply real-world research techniques in field experiences; identify behavioral patterns in modern-day cultures; and create, plan, and share their products in a student-led ethnography fair.

About the Author

Brooke Walker Ph.D.

Mary Ellen Sweeney, Ph.D., is a Gifted and Talented Itinerant Specialist in Denver, CO. She has taught on the subject of ethnographic research at all levels of education. Brooke Walker, Ph.D., has been in the field of gifted education for the last 20 years at both the school and district levels. She is presently a Gifted and Talented Specialist in Denver, CO.



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