Field of Screams

ISBN: 9781728225944

Published: 08/01/2020

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Will they escape before it's too late?

Darius and Ryan are excited to visit Scarecrow Farm. It's always been a spooky good time—the perfect spot to go on Halloween.

But when they arrive, it's nothing like they remember. The place looks run-down, and Darius can't shake the feeling that they shouldn't be there. When the two boys get lost in the corn maze, they start to panic—especially when they meet something terrifying hidden among the corn.

Can Darius and Ryan escape before they become the latest victims of the maze?

Perfect for:
  • kids age 9-12 who love a scary story!
  • anyone looking for ghost books for 10 year olds!
  • fans of R.L. Stine and Goosebumps!
  • anyone looking for Halloween gifts for kids!
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    Format: Paperback

    Length: 7.5 in
    Width: 5.25 in
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    Page Count: 192 pages


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