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ISBN: 9781464214875

Published: 10/06/2020

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Twelve mysteries, dozens of clues, and two detectives matching wits

Detective Jack Barnes is good at his job—no nonsense and thorough, his dogged nature makes him the best at what he does. Mr. Robert Leroy Mitchel is entirely different: a gentleman and an amateur sleuth, Mitchel is confident in his ability to find answers where the professionals cannot. But by choice or circumstance the two are thrown together in pursuit of the truth. Sometimes partners, often competitors, these dueling detectives tackle a slew of unsolvable cases in Gilded Age New York: a body washed up in the river after its cremation, the disappearance of a priceless emerald that leaves a trail of death in its wake, and an IOU demanding a man's life, to name a few.

A long-neglected master of detective stories, Rodrigues Ottolengui was a gifted dentist and lover of mysteries whose work established forensic dentistry as a science and emphasized the value of evidence. Through crisp prose, captivating plot twists, and charming characters, Ottolengui's collection of stories delves into the bizarre—sometimes dangerous, sometimes ridiculous—side of human nature.



“The Library of Congress Crime Classics series rescues another gifted author from obscurity with this collection of 12 stories set in the 1890s...Mystery fans devoted to logical deductio...

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