Finding Time

ISBN: 9781402202506

By: Paula Coxe

Published: 03/31/2004

More than 60,000 copies sold.

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For every woman too tired, too busy or just too stressed to think of herself, this new, updated edition of Finding Time is an intimate, yet practical, guide to finding time. A treasure trove of time-honored techniques and inventive new ideas, Finding Time is ideal for every woman who finds herself doing more than there is time to do.

Finding Time will help you:
-- Say "yes" to yourself and "no" to others
-- Schedule personal time
-- Prioritize
-- Limit interruptions

About the Author

Paula Peisner Coxe

Paula Peisner Coxe was born in Los Angeles and educated at the University of California, Los Angeles. She completed a master’s degree in business administration at the University of Southern California. She is a management consultant and also the author of Finding Peace: Letting Go and Liking It and Finding Time: Breathing Space for Women Who Do Too Much. Paula lives and writes in southern California with her husband and two daughters.


Table of Contents

Introduction -
How to Use This Book -
Tip 1 -
Manage Others' Expectations
Tip 2 -
A Little Padding Never Hurt Anyone
Tip 3 -
Learn to Say No to Others
and Yes to Yourself
Tip 4
Punt When It's Fourth and Long
Tip 5 -
Build Solid Time Blocks--
Limit Interruptions
Tip 6 -
The Phone--Your Friend and Foe
Tip 7 -
Be Reachable
Tip 8 -
Help Your Family Help Themselves
Tip 9
Brushing Your Teeth Isn't Fun,
It’s Necessary
Tip 10 -
First Things First:
It's a Matter of Priorities
Tip 11 -
Schedule Personal Time
Tip 12 -
Elephants Remember,
People Don't
Tip 13 -
Why We Have Two
Ears for One Mouth
Tip 14 -
In Sight Is Top of Mind
Tip 15 -
Clean Up After Yourself—
Tie Loose Ends
Tip 16 -
Nobody's System
Is as Good as Your Own
Tip 17 -
Do Your Own Internal Audit
Tip 18 -
You Deserve a Break
Tip 19 -
Resist Temptation
Tip 20 -
Don’t Wait
Tip 21 -
Just Do It--
Inspiration Will Follow
Tip 22 -
When Someone Else Can Do It,
Delegate It
Tip 23 -
Say Yes to Simplicity
Tip 24 -
Seek Support
Tip 25 -
Understand Your Assumptions
Tip 26 -
Do More Than One
Thing at a Time
Tip 27 -
Make Useful Files
Tip 28 -
Stop "Shouldding"
Tip 29 -
Work Backwards, Plan Ahead
Tip 30 -
Reward Yourself for a
Job Well-Done
Tip 31 -
Start Your Day Thirty Minutes Earlier
Tip 32 -
Expect the Unexpected
Tip 33 -
Communicate One-Way
Tip 34 -
Some Stress Is Healthy
Tip 35 -
Constantly Innovate
Tip 36 -
Make It Work for You
Quick Reference Time Tips -


Our lives abound with technology meant to make our lives more convenient--car phones, cell phones, voice mail, email, pagers, faxes, Fed Ex, one-hour photos, fast food, drive-thrus, ATMs, and CRTs. Mo...

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