Finish Strong

ISBN: 9781728225326

Published: 11/03/2020

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"Finish Strong" is more than a catchphrase—it's an attitude

For years, athletes, business innovators, and ambitious people of all descriptions have described their primary strategy with just two words. Two words that unlock the passion and accountability in every endeavor: Finish Strong. Sales leader, inventor, and entrepreneur Dan Green demonstrates that "Finish Strong" is the key catalyst for personal achievement in this collection of courageous stories.

Through dozens of timeless examples of people who have embraced finishing strong personally, professionally, and spiritually, you will learn how to commit to yourself and unlock a higher level of accomplishment. Whether you're surfing in shark infested waters, starting a new business in your fifties, or trying to perform your job at the highest level, you can draw on the inspiration in this book and blow your goals away!

About the Author

Dan Green

Dan Green is the author of the Finish Strong trilogy. He is also the founder of Finish Strong, LLC and motivational speaker that delivers the finish strong message in an entertaining and impactful way.



Format: Hardcover

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