The Founding Foodies

ISBN: 9781402217869

By: Joy Dave DeWitt

Published: 11/16/2010

Who Were the Original Foodies?

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Who Were the Original Foodies? Beyond their legacy as revolutionaries and politicians, the Founding Fathers of America were first and foremost a group of farmers. Passionate about the land and the bounty it produced, their love of food and the art of eating created what would ultimately become America’s diverse food culture. Like many of today’s foodies, the Founding Fathers were ardent supporters of sustainable farming and ranching, exotic imported foods, brewing, distilling, and wine appreciation. Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin penned original recipes, encouraged local production of beer and wine, and shared their delight in food with friends and fellow politicians. In The Founding Foodies, food writer Dave DeWitt entertainingly describes how some of America’s most famous colonial leaders not only established America’s political destiny, but also revolutionized the very foods we eat. Features over thirty authentic colonial recipes, including: • Thomas Jefferson’s ice cream • A recipe for beer by George Washington • Martha Washington’s fruitcake • Medford rum punch • Terrapin soup

About the Author

Dave DeWitt

Dave DeWitt is a leading food expert. He has authored several books and has appeared everywhere from the Today show to Mythbusters. He has also been featured in the New Yorker, the New York Times, USA Today, and approximately 200 newspapers across the country.


Table of Contents

Introduction: Foodies and Polymaths                          xi

Chapter One: The First Foodies                               1
Chapter Two: Here’s to Food, Drink, and War!                  41
Chapter Three: Farmer Washington, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire     71
Chapter Four: Diplomacy, Slavery, and Haute Cuisine in Paris       101
Chapter Five: Bombastic Barbecues, Presidential Palates, and Scurrilous Scandals              127
Chapter Six: Food and Wine at Monticello                      163
Chapter Seven: Re-creating the Recipes of the Founding Foodies     191

Appendix: Recommended Historical Sites and Restaurants         237
Image Credits                                          247
Bibliography                                           249
Endnotes                                              275
Index                                                 297



Foodies and Polymaths

Few scholars are cooks—and fewer cooks scholars. Perhaps this accounts for the fact that no other aspect of human endea


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“This book will be of interest to educators, culinary historians, American history enthusiasts, and foodies everywhere.

” - Gastronomica


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