Georgette Heyer

ISBN: 9781402271755

By: Jennifer Kloester

Published: 01/08/2013

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Georgette Heyer remains an enduring international bestseller, read and loved by generations of readers and extolled by bestselling authors. Despite her enormous popularity she never gave an interview or appeared in public. Jennifer Kloester, Heyer’s official biographer, spent ten years researching Georgette Heyer, during which time she had unlimited access to Heyer’s notebooks, private papers and family records. Engaging and authoritative, this comprehensive, official biography offers new insights into the life and writing of a remarkable and ferociously private woman.

About the Author

Jennifer Kloester

During the extensive study and research of Georgette Heyer’s work for her PhD thesis, Jennifer Kloester had access to private papers and other information through the generosity of Georgette Heyer’s estate, discovering a wealth of new material on the immensely private author. Kloester lives in Victoria, Australia.


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Author’s Note

Part I: The Young Edwardian 1902–1919

Part II: “First Crack Out of the Bag” 1920–1930

Part III: A New Life: The Sussex Years 1930–1942

Part IV: Albany: The Golden Years 1942–1966

Part V: Lady of Quality 1966–1974


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About the Author


“Whether you like her or not, Heyer is fascinating.” - The Captive Reader

“I highly recommend GEORGETTE HEYER, by Jennifer Kloester- it’s ...

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